A Love Letter to the Motherless

A Love Letter to the Motherless
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By A Comeux

It’d be easy to write a beautiful poem to all the tireless mothers of the world.

A noble salute to all we do in the endless titles and hats we wear, but I wanted to take a moment to pay homage to a few groups of women who deserve acknowledgement just as well.

On my heart is every woman who has lost a child. While there are no words that can fill that void, I salute you this day with my head bowed and prayers for your heart. Whether your angel was here a day or 45 years, I can only imagine that pain stains your soul just the same. My condolences and power of sisterhood be with you. For the moments you labored, the hours you loved and prepared for your child can never be replaced. Cherish them and know that there is no life in vain. There are no mistakes. Even when it makes no sense to us, there is a greater force with answers we’ll never know.

Honor the memory and know that you’re not alone. You are forever a Mother. You are forever the womb of the Universe to bring about life in more forms than birth. You are the Mother of an Angel. You are loved and valued on high. Please keep the light of your child in your eyes for the hope of us all.

To the motherless this Mother’s Day, I seek only to give you a kind word.

A word no Hallmark card can mimic but one of truth and adoration for the strength it takes to move on after loss. I want to tell you that you are not left alone nor forgotten. I want to tell you that in losing one from which you came, please find gratitude in the life given. Find gratitude in lessons that will live on far beyond our years.

To every grandmother, aunt, Godmother and sister who mothers, I salute you. For every woman who is more than a neighbor to children you didn’t bear, I salute you.

Women, remember, we all have a duty to nurture those around us. Regardless if they are ours, they are ours.

When you are in a child’s life, you are imparting memories and lessons and love far beyond what you’d imagine.

Keep mothering and loving and giving because that love, in various forms, comes back to us all.

Thank you.

Please find solace in knowing that no feat is in vain and no life ever truly leaves without leaving love behind.

Be well.

I’m A Comeaux. A daughter. A Mother. And your sister. I salute you all, Sistren, on this Mother’s Day.

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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