What is Sexy? Should A Woman Be Forced to Dress Her Age?

What is Sexy? Should A Woman Be Forced to Dress Her Age?
Posed by a professional model. © Beisea StockfreeImages

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By Devin Miller

Ironically, the topic of age appropriateness has come up a lot in my life lately. The majority of my friends has or will be turning 30 soon.

This age is the marker for genuine adulthood for most women. It’s the time when women start to second-guess nearly everything they’ve ever done; and start to ask questions like: “ Am I too old for this dress?, “  “Should I still go to the club on Thursday nights?, “  “ Do I have to wear makeup every day now?, “ and, “Should I no longer be attracted to the bad boy type? “

These questions and a series of others were prompted by everything women were taught at a very young age. The tutelage we received as young girls is often embedded in our minds. The difference between women of the old school and those in the new school is simple. Women can say and do whatever they want now!  But we are now bred in a society that is over-sexualized and dominated by the male image on what THEY think women should deem as sexy. 

The problem about this new sexualized society is that there is no longer a clear definition of what clothing is age appropriate. I believe that what a woman wears is her own personal decision, and how she feels in her clothes is more important that how others perceive her.

A woman can be sexy in something as simple as a pair of black dress slacks, and a white blouse. The notion now is, “If you’ve got it flaunt it. “

Now, sure if you’re a 28” waist, you should be able to wear a belly top, but I ask this question, as my grandmother would ask me, should you wear it past say 27 years of age? Sexy is more of a state of mind than a specific article of clothing.

We’ve all heard men who think that their woman is at her sexiest when wearing his clothing.  However class is a lot art. A bandage dress is not is not appropriate for a church service, a church function, the  office place, meeting your boyfriend’s parents, a student council meeting, or anywhere else that doesn’t have strobe lights and a fog machine.

I say, embrace that you are sexy at any age, and don’t be afraid to take risks. It’s your mind, and your body. Feel good about who you are, and look in that closet and make some magic!

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Photo: Posed by a professional model. © Beisea StockfreeImages

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