What Do YOU Want?

What Do YOU Want?
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By A Comeaux
In the past week I’ve had a few conversations and arguments alike all hovering around the debate of what people want.

The expectations set on us by others, the secret desires that our fears keep us from pursuing and the dire need to ‘be accepted,’ all play vital roles in our lives.

We can shout to the moon about how we don’t care about what people think of us, but we care. We’re human. Our interactions with each other either fuel or defeat us.

And there are relationships that do both.

What I learned in my dialogue, be it heated or enlightening, is that we all must define exactly what we want within ourselves before we can articulate or defend ourselves to others.

You can get bullied in Corporate America if you don’t clearly define your intended career path, or worse yet, if you place yourself in a position where you can’t grow or where your attributes are not appreciated. If you are in a relationship where you are not feeling valued and loved the way you need to in order to thrive, somewhere your voice was bridled. Be it love, career, friendships and even general affiliations, ask yourself, ‘what do YOU want?’
Is your current situation serving you? Does the place you invest your time prove to be fruitful for your spirit? Are you doing daily things that will bring you fulfillment and happiness?
It’s understood that we all have to do what needs to be done daily to survive, but we are responsible for our joy.

It’s up to us to show others how to handle us. We teach the world how to love, respect and handle us by how we treat ourselves. What we accept is a lesson to others–and they follow suit.

Think about this–when you go to someone’s home and it’s tidy, you’re careful of your deeds while there; you’ll take your shoes off, pick up after yourself and maintain the cleanliness that they’ve established. They don’t have to tell you these things because you see how their standards and you will follow suit. Same goes for your heart. Same goes for your body and your career.
It starts with what YOU want. But only you know this. Muster the courage to not only find this but to be able to demand it and settle for nothing less.

This world is big and full of whatever you desire. Truly. You can have whatever you want or you’ll get what others want you to have.

I’m A Comeaux and I know exactly what I want and how to get it.

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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