Photos: Leading Ladies Empowerment Conference

It was for Chicago, a typical cool non spring-like day. 
But inside the deceptively sunlit, beautifully decorated, chic Art Revolution (401 N. Paulina) there was a sense of solidarity that was warm, electric, and no less than extraordinary.  The power source was the Leading Ladies International 5th Annual Empowerment & Leadership Conference. 
Heeding the call to help the body, mind and spirits of women—Larvetta Loftin of L3 Eventeurs hosted a magnificent event complete with Zumba, meditation, and a panel of professionals who shared their experiences and passed on their figurative baton of leadership to the event’s participants.  
I was both humbled and honored to sit and speak with my fellow 2014 Leading Lady Award Recipients, Entrepreneur/Philanthropist, Erika Bracey; Real Estate Broker and Consultant,  Sheila Dantzler; Community Activist/Mompreneur, Alexandra C. Eidenberg  and Motivational Speaker/Business Consultant,  LaMeisha Taylor. 
They were an inkwell of sorts, reigniting my passion and purpose for writing and encouraging me to move my pen for purpose, not just profit.  Keynote speaker and salt of the earth, Pepper Miller, came more than capable and credentialed to speak about the impact of consumers of color.  Yet this popular author and leading executive just as readily shared a wealth of wisdom that inspired the various ages, backgrounds and cultures represented.  A woman of excellence, Larvetta gave us the sustenance to succeed as well as lunch from Cork, a premiere Chicago catering company.  Of all the words a blogger can choose from, as I type and simultaneously taste my leftover curried chicken wrap and candied cashew coleslaw, all I can utter is yummm.
As a vendor for two years, this third year was definitely the charm for me as I accepted the award and most important, the charge to lead.   Leading Ladies International isn’t about competition, but equipping all of us to win the race.  I dare you to visit to begin your spring training and ultimately the journey toward fulfilling your destiny.  We as women can potentially freeze or fuel one another’s dreams.  
Larvetta herself is not threatened, but thrives on thoughtfully thrusting others into the spotlight.  She has a sincere, burning love for women and there is no question that we love her too!
Wishing You All Things Fabulous,
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