Love & Sex: Use Your Sixth Sense

Love & Sex: Use Your Sixth Sense
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Visual Selection

By Kym B.

How can a relationship survive off of good looks or attraction alone?  I am a big romantic and believe that an immediate attraction from one look is possible; however, it is simply “lust at first sight” – not love. 

One of the most successful tips in business is called packaging. 

This process, or covering, so to speak, wraps the product so that it sparks interest, looks attractive to the eye and provides a brief summary of the contents. 

No different from those looking for love. 

However, be careful who you hook up with, some packages are like cotton candy: looks good, smells good but as soon as you get to the middle or the substance it is filled with nothing.  And you are left unfulfilled.

Most people aren’t single because of how they look or their attire.  They are single usually from a deeper issue that isn’t easily seen by the naked eye. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if disclaimers – such as the ones labeled on CDs and videos – were attached to people to easily identify the good and the bad? 

Sadly, it doesn’t and surely bios listed on social media networks do not offer the true characteristic of a person. 

What you usually see listed on these sites are surface bios, like: “I’m an entrepreneur”, “I love God”, “I love Kids”, etc., but, what they don’t say is: “I’m a stalker”, “I’m bad with money”, “I don’t pay my child support”, etc. We only show what is good and never expose our faults, past mistakes or wrongdoings.  

Never trust your initial perception.  You have four other senses to rely on, and if you lose one sense, scientifically it is said another sense gets stronger to compensate what was lost.   

Or rely on your sixth sense, MEMORY. Senses lean on past memory to remind us of how a similarity made us react and/or feel. Use your strength to make better decisions.  Vision is not just eye sight, it is insight and foresight.   Which means when you see something or someone as a visual focus, precaution and awareness immediately sends messages to your brain to calm down and move at a slow pace; but usually a physical sensation kicks in and your overall goal goes out the door.

Remember your purpose is more important than your private parts.  Don’t lose your intuitive vision.

It is perfectly okay to hook up with someone that is fine; as long as you find out who they really are before you get in too deep. And usually you will find that fine alone, isn’t so attractive in the long run.

Kym B. is an International Policy Analyst for the US Department of State and she owns a clothing design boutique with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter @AlwaysRich777

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