Being a Military Mom is NOT All Smiles and Roses

Being a Military Mom is NOT All Smiles and Roses
Military Mommy Tinita Tennant and sons.

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The Truth about Being a Military Mom

 By Tinita Tennant

“When you enlisted, so did I”, were the words I said to my husband (then boyfriend) to assure him that he has my full support and that I was prepared to handle the “military life.”

I thought I knew everything there was for me to expect of this new journey and that I was ready for it all. That was, until he got stationed in Korea for one year and left me and two sons, 7 and 3, behind.

The truth is being a Military Mom means I’ve accepted the hardest job out of the deal. The truth is, as much as I love and support my husband, as much as I love and adore my kids; this Military Mommy is not all smiles, roses and butterflies. Truth is I’m mad. I hate to even say I’m mad because then I sound selfish. But if you’ll let me be real for just a minute and try to explain, maybe you’ll understand. Maybe you’ll understand that while my husband is in Korea and I’m home alone with these two boys, and there is no break for me.

Between my full-time job; the kids, their extracurricular activities, maintaining the home, and working hard to make my personal dreams a reality, I am tired.

Oh wait, you thought being a Military Mom meant I was also a “stay-at-home” mom? No, sorry I’m not. Everyday I’m forced to be strong for everyone else.

There is no room for complaints and pity parties; I put my big girl panties on and “Just Do It.”

Can I do it? I’m a woman, and yes I can do it! 

Truthfully, I just don’t want to do it alone.

Even though I’m married, physically I’m a single mom. When my sons are arguing, as they do often and won’t stop calling my name until I put out the fire, I feel the fumes coming out of my ears.

Sometimes this Military Mommy has to give herself a time-out and send myself to my room for a minute. The truth is I get overwhelmed and I fight stress daily. There are times when stress sneaks me with an uppercut and it’s hard for me to bounce back. When I feel like tapping the mat, I manage to grab the rope and pull myself back up.

I’m a Military Mom and I’m the toughest soldier out of this bunch.

I’m Tinita Tennant, 28, from Hampton VA. I am a military wife, mother, freelance writer, author and poet.

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