Hell No! The 9 NOs for Friends & Lovers

Hell No! The 9 NOs for Friends & Lovers
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By Zondra Hughes

No is a powerful little word that is sometimes hard to say when a so-called friend or lover is staring you in the face, and asking you to cross a line.

If you don’t say no when the favor asked will put you at risk personally, professionally, and, um, financially, you may find yourself doing things that you’d rather not do, helping folks who never seem to return the favor, and putting your life on hold while others leap frog over you.

Here are nine reasons to say NO to friend and lovers, and if you’re too nice of a person to do it yourself, just forward this blog.

1. No you can’t borrow my hard-earned money, while you sit on your bottom and floss on Facebook.

2. No you can’t bum a ride—for FREE—just because we’re on the same route. When gas becomes free, you can ride with me for free.

3. No I won’t listen to your problems for hours, while you disappear when I need a shoulder to cry on.

4. No I won’t be intimate with you and allow you to only consider me to be a friend afterwards.

5. No I won’t send you nudes; because if we break up, you may post them or share them with others. And my body is special; everyone isn’t entitled to see it.

6. No I won’t help you pay your bills, if you still owe me money.  I’ve got bills of my own.

7. No I won’t compromise my freedom to help you out of a jam. You’ve made your bed, lie in it.

8. No I won’t perform acts that make me feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

9. No I won’t make myself available for your schedule if you won’t make yourself available for mine. If you like me, plan to spend time with me.

And then say YES to you!

Zondra Hughes, the CEO of The Six Brown Chicks is executive producer of The Black Social Network   play (sponsored by GM) that opens off-Broadway today during Social Media Week NYC. Follow Zondra on Twitter @ZondraHughes

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