Love & Sex Part 2: 10 Things Men Want You to Know

Love & Sex Part 2: 10 Things Men Want You to Know
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You knew it was bound to happen; men have read your 10 things list and have contributed 10 things they want women to know.
Fellas, thank you so much for taking the time to send your list of demands. Chicks, please don’t shoot the messenger. Without further ado, here are the 10 Things Men Want You to Know About Love and Sex.

  1. Classy is sexy. “Look, some [outfits] are better for indoors. Don’t dress up like Beyonce and then try to be my wifey. Beyonce is in show business; and in real life, she’s already married.” –James H., Chicago.
  2. I like to share your selfies. “If I ask you for some freaky pictures and you send them, I’m going to show them. You’re proud of your body and want to show it, and so do I.” Wallace S., Chicago.
  3. Stop telling your friends about our issues. “Your BFF that’s in your ear about getting rid of me would date me in a second; don’t make me prove it to you.” —Kevin B., Houston.
  4. I may not say ‘I love you,’ but I will show it. “I do little things that show you how I feel about you. Like, I went to my girl’s house and shoveled her snow and warmed up her car this morning before I went to work. That’s how I show love, but I’m not going to tell her that. I’m not a poet.” –Name withheld.
  5. “Don’t cheat on me. If you do cheat on me, it’s best that you don’t tell me because I’ll never forgive you. How can I be with you knowing someone else hit that?” —Grady, Des Moines, Iowa
  6. Temptation is everywhere. “I’m tempted all day. It has nothing to do with you, or what you’re not doing. We live in a very sexualized world—but just because there’s temptation, doesn’t mean that I’m out there chasing. There’s just so much temptation, everywhere. Damn.” –Name withheld.
  7. Watch what you say to me. “I hope that I make you happy, but I fear that I’m not enough for you. So when you say that ‘I’m not sh*t, that cuts deep. And then, well, I may do things out in the street that live up to that—to me not being sh*t.” Javier S., Los Angeles, Calif.
  8. Once a side-chick, always a side chick: “If you were cool with being the side chick, and if you’re promoted to the main chick, know that your former position will be filled by someone else. You were game for it before, so why change the rotation? Just play your part.” Anthony J., Detroit.
  9. Go home after the one-night-stand. “If we have a one-night-stand, be grown about it. There’s no shame in connecting on a physical level after knowing each other for a few hours, but, when the night ends, we must go our separate ways. I’ll know how to find you if I want to see you again. But don’t stalk me.” —Paul A., Atlanta
  10. You. Can’t. Change. Me. “If I tell you that I’m not looking for anything serious right now, believe me. I know myself better than you know me, and there’s nothing you can do to change my mind. BUT, if you’re in my corner and I feel safe with you, that I can trust you, that you genuinely care about me and that you’ll have my back, then I will settle down with you. But that will be a personal decision that I will make on my own.”–William B., Memphis Tennessee (response combined with response from Gerald K., Atlanta)

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