Love & Sex: 10 Things Women Want You to Know

Love & Sex: 10 Things Women Want You to Know
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Expectations about dating, love, and sex are so hard to communicate in these high-tech times, so without further ado, here are 10 things women want men to know.

(Feel free to add to the list!)

  1. I am worthy of healthy love and unbridled passion.  Don’t skimp on either.
  2. Please settle your ‘pending’ divorce/separation/break-up before pursuing me; let’s not complicate things. Thanks.
  3. Text me if you want to tease me; call me if you want to see me.
  4. Private matters should be handled privately, never on social media.
  5. If I spend the night at your house, get your ass out of bed and walk me to my car.  If you spend the night at my house, get your ass out of bed and prepare our breakfast. Thanks.
  6. I’m dating you, not your kids. You’re dating me; not my kids.  Thus, let’s not bring our kids into the mix until we’re clear about where we’re headed together. 
  7. Side-piece—unless you’re referring to a combo meal—should not be a part of this union.
  8. Sorry, I do not believe in the trend of starting a family with someone else while ‘on break’ from our primary relationship.
  9. What you see is what you will get; please do not try to change my hustle, style, or flow to suit your needs. You. Don’t. Own. Me.
  10. I will support your dreams and I expect you to support mine. Understand that dreams without action is just wishful thinking, so let’s make big moves and make our dreams come true.


The Six Brown Chicks

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One year ago, the world watched as Iyanla fixed our lives. We were the individuals sitting at the table of correction, but the experience of hurt and healing transcends the six of us, as Iyanla teaches,”if you heal one woman, you heal all women.”

The Six B.R.O.W.N. C.H.I.C.K.S.—women who are Being Responsible Obedient Willingly Now Choosing Honesty Integrity Commitment Kindness and Self-Worth—are stronger than ever before, and we are indebted to you, Oprah, Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, the Oprah Winfrey Network, our SBC Correspondents and ChicagoNow for this phenomenal opportunity.

Thank you for believing in us.
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