100 Resolutions for the New Year (Chicks Rule!)

100 Resolutions for the New Year (Chicks Rule!)
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by Zondra Hughes

Here are 100 New Year’s Resolutions designed to empower Chicks and fortify the Universal Sisterhood, so, please feel free to add your own.


I Resolve…

  1. To listen to my “first mind.”
  2. To shed the skin of self-doubt–and to shed those who make me feel doubtful.
  3. To never be ashamed of my past.
  4. To never be defeated by my present.
  5. To respect the disrespected.
  6. To serve the disenfranchised.
  7. To protect those under my supervision.
  8. To use my talents for good, and not evil.
  9. To occasionally exchange Facebook for face time.
  10. To shake the snakes.
  11. To feed the poor.
  12. To teach the clueless.
  13. To always be willing to learn.
  14. To celebrate my victories.
  15. To learn from past failures.
  16. To give credit when its due.
  17. To demand credit for paid dues.
  18. To love my imperfections.
  19. To understand haters keep me on my toes.
  20. To empower another person.
  21. To let bygones be bygones.
  22. To let him go, no matter how much it hurts.
  23. To keep my secrets.
  24. To meet someone new.
  25. To face my fears.
  26. To pursue the best of everything because I am worthy.
  27. To pick and choose my battles.
  28. To show restraint when tested.
  29. To forgive those who have wronged me.
  30. To remember those who have saved me.
  31. To plan my next move before I make it.
  32. To listen.
  33. To wonder like a child.
  34. To recognize a dead-end career and choose a new path.
  35. To recognize a dead-end relationship and dissolve it.
  36. To invest in my career.
  37. To hold a grudge for as long as I can hold my breath.
  38. To move on after a bad experience.
  39. To show mercy.
  40. To separate the boardroom from my bedroom.
  41. To forgive him.
  42. To embrace Him.
  43. To laugh.
  44. To cry real tears that heal.
  45. To show my children that a parent’s love for them is unshakeable, even if their parents’ relationship is shattered.
  46. To take responsibility for my own mess.
  47. To take care of my health.
  48. To be proactive, and not reactive in matters of importance.
  49. To pursue my dream.
  50. To travel with my loved ones.
  51. To party with my girlfriends.
  52. To enjoy “me time,” without guilt.
  53. To improve my financial situation.
  54. To invest in my community.
  55. To support another Sister.
  56. To walk the talk.
  57. To make good intentions reality.
  58. To exchange romantic expectations for concrete conversations.
  59. To not be taken advantage of.
  60. To open my mind and shut my mouth.
  61. To be unpredictable when warranted.
  62. To make my word bond.
  63. To atone to those I’ve wronged.
  64. To stand my ground.
  65. To treat myself to a mani/pedi.
  66. To blow a lover’s mind, with conversation.
  67. To welcome the pursuit, because I am the prize.
  68. To venture where I’m least expected.
  69. To offer a sound opinion in the company of others.
  70. To heed the call.
  71. To obey my calling.
  72. To volunteer.
  73. To donate to a worthy cause.
  74. To step up to the plate.
  75. To never miss an opportunity.
  76. To create an opportunity for someone else.
  77. To curtail at least one bad habit.
  78. To study my professional industry.
  79. To examine my personal company.
  80. To never knowingly be The Other Woman.
  81. To show my softer side.
  82. To become a mentor.
  83. To strive for balance in my personal and professional lives.
  84. To avoid self-sabotage.
  85. To walk with my head up, especially in the midst of a trial.
  86. To believe He would never give me something I can’t handle.
  87. To listen to the message, not the messenger.
  88. To know when enough is enough, and to change the situation.
  89. To ignore the Joneses.
  90. To keep my eye on the prize.
  91. To win the war on drugs, at least in my own backyard.
  92. To put myself back on the market if I’m single.
  93. To take myself off the market if I’m married.
  94. To create a legacy worth reading about.
  95. To expand my horizons—as I stay in my lane.
  96. To be genuine with my Tweets.
  97. To curb my tongue.
  98. To prepare a home-cooked meal.
  99. To dance like no one’s watching.
  100. To work smart, love hard, and believe in what I cannot see because faith trumps adversity now, and forevermore.

Chicks rule.

Zondra :0)
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