I Love Scandal, But I'm NOT Olivia Pope

I Love Scandal, But I'm NOT Olivia Pope
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I love Scandal, but  I if said this on Twitter the #Gladiators would snatch my wig!
Here in the confines of my online blog, I will tell you my true feelings. (*Insert smirk with a side eye.)
We, African-American women, are proud that we have a well-spoken, educated, attractive and fiercely dressed woman in an elite position, that of playing a lead role in a groundbreaking series, created by a fellow Af-Am woman. Whew! That’s a mouthful but isn’t that something to be proud of?
On this shallow surface the answer is Yes! but that’s not enough. It is not the full truth.
With all of these esteemed attributes, the fact that she is in love with another woman’s husband is where ‘she’ lost me.
Sure it’s sensational for TV…and it should be left there. We should not look at her bags and her diction and say its okay! We shouldn’t find reason in the chaos that is bound to happen when you add sex, lies and temptation to power. Olivia Pope is not our representative. She is a well-written character no more amazing than Wonder Woman or Bat Girl.
We cannot take Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope and make it our lives.
Men in power who are married should not be able to afford you simply on a whim of passion. Kerry Washington is happily married, pregnant with a real-life thriving acting career. Kerry Washington, I am proud of you and seeing your brown face on the big screen is a personal delight.
Olivia Pope, ladies and gentleman, is a fictitious character while based on truth, these events and shower scenes are for our viewing pleasure and NOT to be used as the catalyst for relationships. She makes it look good, and her lover? Dreamy! But I can’t say enough that I am not a woman who will find ‘love’ in such a subservient position.
Before you throw stones at me, listen: sure you can fall in love with someone you have no business with, but the key is to avoid that door from ever being opened. We are human and have our flaws, but being wise in our encounters is the best way to not be part one of a triangle.
My heart is one the most precious things I can ever offer love, above mind and body. My aim to offer myself as a whole. Not a broken heart from bad decisions or a violated body from whiles of temptation. OR the ever coveted confused mind from loving someone divided.
They say this is the year of the side -piece. They say the mistresses are winning and the sanctity of marriage is fleeting. These statements can easily be supported by facts of life. So can the power of a woman’s integrity. A lady, a wife, a woman of standard, still has reign no matter what, and her name will still be respected! My worth is not measured by a cheating heart’s passion.
The WIFE is still WIFE no matter how much fun hubby has outside of her reach, she is still the Queen. No matter the gifts and sex and excursions indulged, home is still HOME and is due its proper homage. He may disrespect what he wishes, but its up to you to respect yourself. I don’t make the rules. I’ve broken more than I’ve followed, but even a free-spirit like me has limits.
As I step off my soap box, if you take nothing with you, keep this: Keep your standards higher than any risk–no matter the perceived rewards.
A Comeaux
A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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