I am NOT My Sister's Keeper

I am NOT My Sister's Keeper
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When was the last time you back-stabbed someone who trusted you? How many times have you heard negative things about someone and didn’t defend them?
Back in the day, if there was a problem with my friend, I was at her side, ready to take on the world.
Today, somewhere in the years of ‘save yourself’ we lost that helping hand that we once depended on. The malicious backbiting and gossiping is the core of why women can’t trust each other. Jealously and fear keep us from confiding in each other because our own insecurities have surfaced to undeniable levels.
There was a time when you couldn’t bad-mouth a woman who wasn’t present to defend herself. Today, even her ‘mutual friend’ will chime in and go for blood!
Why, ladies do we not keep our sisters anymore? Why don’t we see the struggle in her eyes and offer a hand where she may need us?
Where is our sisterhood? Where did we leave it and how do we get it back?
Personally, I have suffered bouts of depression and anxiety with the feeling that I had no one to call on for help. Some would say that’s a symptom but that’s an actuality so many deal with daily. Additionally, I wasn’t physically alone; there were always places to go with friends for cocktails and a Girls’ Night Out; there was always a brunch or cookout. And still the cloud followed me.
When I shook this downward spiral and regained my smile, I was as grateful as I was hurt. This time I was hurt because I realized I was alone. That if I cried for help I may be judged or laughed at by the visceral conviction from admitting one is not well.
Hug someone. I’m not being cliché. I’m okay now and more sensitive to my sisters around me. In hopes if one needs me and can’t articulate it, I can read her silence and offer my arms.
I am NOT my sisters keeper. I am my sister.
Thank you beloved, Iyanla, for this lesson.
A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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