Do Dark-Skinned Women Make Better Lovers?

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By A Comeaux

I should apologize to all lovers, but I’m not.

Hear me out first.

While conversing with an ex lover awhile back, we had a huge debate about who’s the bigger freak: light-skin women or darker ones?

There is a theory that I’ve heard both sides to with compelling arguments. I took this question to my secret stash of comrades and the theory was yet again wildly debated with neither side holding a majority. I’d become colossally curious and needed answers, NOW!

I never deemed a skin color would equate to a woman’s wile in bed. How can features and skin-tone have influence on the limits a lady leverages with sex?

I let the issue rest because the horse was dead; I’d chalked it up to being an urban legend. Until my precocious perception was rudely awakened in a casual conversation last week. It was said, again, that light-skin women were in fact NOT freaks by way of satisfying their partner but because they received more attention they had more partners.

Additionally, their self-esteem being higher giving them the complex that those chosen should be happy to be there. No extras. Layers, right?!? *Insert head spin. Furthermore, it was said darker women are more accommodating to their partner as opposed to focusing on their own pleasure.

I can’t say that I personally agree because that would leave me to disclose my experiences and we all know that’s a no-no…

But when I talked to women, about women in bed, both complexions and the various shades all agreed that ‘they’ were better in bed and regardless of partners, were indeed freaks!

Men told a different story.

What I’ve concluded is that when a woman wants you, she will please you and in turn please herself.

I can’t say a complexion has precedence over sexual vindication. I also can’t attest to numbers of partners playing a role here. If you take a woman from a relationship of years and compare to a woman with casual encounters, the woman who’s gained comfort with her partner will likely have a kinkier resume. Likely, not law.

Let’s all be safe and enjoy the wonderland that is a woman’s body without attaching a skin-tone or number to it. It was an interesting theory but I’m officially over it.
Speaking very personally, we all have a fair share of tiger in us and we let her out when compelled to do so.

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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