Curves Couture Chicago Reveals True Beauty

Editor’s Note: Curves Couture Chicago Fashion Show, presented by Project Thyck and Chevrolet, broke ground as the first full-figured fashion show to run during Chicago’s Fashion Week. The event took place at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel and was hosted by Val Warner of ABC’s Windy City Live.

Noted designer Jack Cave, “Plus-size women are sexy and here to stay,” a sentiment that wasn’t the case not too long ago.

As you enjoy the Curves Couture photos, it’s quite befitting that we debut an intimate blog from our fashion blogger Cabryl Breotti, as she describes her recent decision to accept beauty on her own terms.

Am I beautiful?

That is a haunting question that has plagued me since I was 12-years-old.

My bright brown eyes, caramel skin and kinky hair are not considered ideally attractive in Western Society, where blond hair and blue-eyes reign supreme.

Granny would tell me that I am the prettiest reflection of her ancestry, while the cutest boy in school compared my looks to a chewed wad of gum. And in the fashion magazines I read…Vogue, Elle, W, for the most part, I didn’t exist.

Unless it was February, Black History Month, and I would see myself in a tiny blurb about Pat Cleveland or in Iman’s striking pose.

Like many women, I sought validation from external forces over the past years with various hair styles ( Jerri Curls, yes I had one, relaxers, Asymmetric haircut, the Halle Berry/T-Boz styles) and fad clothes. Additionally, I fished for compliments from others:

Do YOU think I look right in this dress? How do YOU like my hair?

I was not comfortable with my own decisions, and others’ opinions of me were taken as fact.

Public opinion or fear would paralyze my ambitions to try a different hairstyle or style.

I inherited thoughts of rejection to accompany a lack of confidence.

In a sense, my style stays basic and clean cut. No flashy designer ensembles or a face painted at the Museum of MAC;  not for me. Instead, my personality would be the brightest thing in the room, whereas my style was just in a neat brown paper bag.

I would look at those around me, colorful parades of hairstyles, skin tones and various body shapes, boldly expressing emotions that fear of public rejection shut down within me.

Then one day, it happened.

Slowly the fear of the public opinion began to fade. The daily reflection in the mirror would begin to acknowledge my inner beauty, it was my voice saying the things that I wished to hear:  It started with “Good morning gorgeous.

That greeting spoke volumes, led to a tingling in my soft kinky hair from root to tip. It was as if the reflection was telling my beauty: “Good morning; do big things today, forever, and for always.”

And just like that, POOF! The fear of public opinion/rejection was gone.  As I stood in the mirror, the reflection staring back at me showcased a grin and a relaxed confidence, laced with ambition.

And now I share this awesome greeting with you: “Good morning, gorgeous.You are beautiful.”

Classically unique since 1977 is the perfect way to describe Cabryl Breotti. Please check out her fashionably latest on Twitter: @CabrylBreotti.

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