Addiction Recovery and the Power of Service

Addiction Recovery and the Power of Service
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By Rachel Trimble

One of the pillars of addiction recovery is service to others.

Whether it is making coffee, greeting someone at the door with a smile, or setting up chairs, we are encouraged to get involved at the start of our gatherings; the exercise helps us to get out of our own way and to pitch in and help out.

Recovery is built on the foundation of service–addicts helping one another–but there are five simple ways that you can assist in this cycle of service as well.

Five Ways to Assist A Recovering Addict

1.  Donate gently used clothes. As the seasons change, you may clean out your closet, a good way to assist is to donate  those old clothes to a drug and alcohol treatment center.  Many recovering addicts show up only with the clothes on their backs or a garbage bag half full. And oftentimes, the clothes that they have are not conducive to the new life they want to lead.

2. Donate a free haircut.  Are you a barber or hairstylist? How about spending your day off to make someone’s day (and perhaps job prospects) a little brighter. Take your clippers and shears to a treatment center and do some outreach work that will assist in the recovering addict’s transformation; there’s nothing like a fresh fade or stylish trim to help someone look at themselves in the mirror again.

3. Send inspirational cards to a total stranger. A message that you can make it through the day is a big deal for a recovering addict, especially when all that person can see is the wreckage behind him/her.

4. Share those inspirational books that have helped you over a slump in your life. When you clean your book shelf, donate your books to a local drug and alcohol treatment center.

5.  Spend an hour uplifting those in the trenches. Are you a motivational speaker? If so, you can be a part of the transformation in the lives of people that have suffered real pain and are serious about changing their lives.

These are just five of the many ways that you can assist a recovering addict; get involved and you’ll soon discover that volunteering from the heart can change someone.

Maybe even you.

Rachel Trimble is a friend, a mother, a woman, and a lover all because she has been set free from the chains of addiction through recovery and love.  Follow Rachel on Twitter @RachelTrm

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