Real Talk: Your Vagina is Not a Kitty Cat

By Nicole Harding

Real talk; let’s start a movement to end secret, whispered names for our body parts.

Baby girls, toddlers, teens, and 42-year-old females have vaginas…not kitty cats! I don’t mean adults having “grown woman” conversation throwing Va-JayJay around; I get that.  I am referring to moms who rear their girls into adulthood without  stating the correct verbiage for their anatomy. Grrrrr.

Not following? Let me break it down for you; I’m unsure if it’s generational or cultural but the practice of referring to female body parts with silly animal names and hand gestures are ridiculous and, in some cases, could be harmful.

Some mothers whisper after bath time …’Did you wash your kitty cat?’ Or, after a little girl falls off her bike:  ‘Did you hurt your kitty cat?’ Daughter headed to a slumber party? ‘Don’t allow anyone to touch your kitty cat!’ Really? 

Secret names and whispered tones about the vagina indicates shame about the female body; it also focuses on mystery and so little on the vagina’s function. Without intent, the mother’s “Kitty Cat” description of the vagina launches the sexualization of the body, and confuses the little girl, an outcome the mother wants to avoid.

In the unthinkable instance if something inappropriate occurs, we have preprogrammed innocent minds that this is something to whisper about instead of empowering them with adequate language.
Women are making it happen right now; we rule the world and women are leaning in.

But before we can grow to be strong women we must be confident, informed girls. Girls that understand if they are beating the boys during a BMX race and fall down…..screaming my kitty cat is okay is not going to go over well!

Let’s shift the conversation with our young girls from shame to empowerment because they deserve it! No more Kitty Cat; it’s a VAGINA.

And that is real talk!

Nicole Harding is an expert in leadership development and a wife and mother focused on spreading positivity; one conversation, one home project, and one dynamite deal at a time. Follow Nicole on Twitter @RealTalkNic

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