Beauty School Scarlet's 7 Makeover Rules

Beauty School Scarlet's 7 Makeover Rules
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By Beauty School Scarlet

Recently, I attended a Smashbox Cosmetics fall makeover event held at Ulta beauty.

The funny thing is, I can’t remember the last time I had a makeover; one would think that as a beauty blogger, I get makeovers all the time. But the truth is, just like some of you, I never make the time, I am nervous about the look or it’s not in my budget; plus I have a fear of germs (don’t judge me).



Speaking of germs, some cosmetic counters as well as Beauty Advisors are not the best when is comes to cleanliness of their brushes and test products. YUCK! Believe it or not, I have witnessed some makeup artists with dirty brushes; plus, you never know what little kid or teen has been playing in the makeup when no one is around, ewww. 

So, I usually stay clear and just apply products on my hand. But a great tip to follow the next time you stop at a counter for a makeover or try that lipstick is to think twice and make sure they use makeup sanitizer.


At the makeover event, I took a chance with a Makeup Artist Christine. I decided that I needed a new look for the fall season because just like the seasons change, your makeup should change with it (if you want to be on trend). And if you don’t want to be on trend, that’s okay, just take some time to get pampered and learn a few tips and tricks to look your best.

I highly recommend that you get a makeover every season to change your look, get pampered and learn some new tricks. It makes you feel great, look glam and be fabulous!


For example, Christine taught me that eyebrows should be sisters and not twins. OMG…that is so true because it is so hard to make your brows identical when you fill them in.


Christine shared that it is a crime not to prime; meaning when you use a primer, your makeup will last longer and have a smoother finish.


When you choose to get your next makeover, try something new. If you are a natural girl, try a pop of color and if you are a glam diva, try something a little natural. It’s always great to have makeup options and switch it up every now and then.

I selected fall because the colors on trend are not colors I have at home and they are a little outside of my comfort zone.


Be sure you take mental notes every step of the way so you can become your own Makeup Artist. 

When you complete your makeover, if the event does not provide photos, pull out a camera and start snapping away. You can use that picture as a new profile pic for your Linkedin profile and presto…just like that, you have a new photo that looks amazing and you didn’t have to crop anyone out.


You can make the event more fun by inviting your chicks and finishing up with a girl’s night out!

On that note, special shout out to my fellow blogger in crime Ms. Travel Chic for joining me on my fall makeover adventures.

My overall look and the total experience was a 5 out of 5. Smooches to Ulta Beauty, and Smashbox.

Beauty School Scarlet has an addiction for products and wants to be your personal critic for all things beauty. Let her try before you buy!  Follow her on Twitter @ABeautyScarlet

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