10 Relationship Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Lover

Relationship expert Terez Williamson takes a minimalist approach to love, and we love him for it. In one of the most relevant blog posts on love, on Tiny Buddha, Terez asks poignant questions that indicate whether or not you should be concerned about your relationship.

Here are a few of Terez’s questions that really gets to the heart of the matter.

How do you feel when your partner arrives home after being away?

Is your partner your best friend?

Is there a secret you are keeping that if your partner knew, you feel you would lose them?

When did you realize you had fallen in love, and how do you feel when you think about it?

Have you seen each other at your best and worst?

Would you ever consider having an affair? Why? Why not?

When was your last romantic outing?

Do you feel your relationship is a true partnership?

Do you accept each other’s belief systems?

Are you excited about your future together?

Terez Williamson is the founder of Smartly Smitten, where he shares relationship advice centered around self-love and respect. He is also the author of the ebook Minimalism and Relationships: Consume Less, Love More. You can follow Terez on twitter at terez07.

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