Carol's Daughter Founder Lisa Price Shares Biz and Life Balance Tips

Carol's Daughter Founder Lisa Price Shares Biz and Life Balance Tips

By Toya Nicole

Last Friday, I attended the Carol’s Daughter “Stronger, Longer, Invincible Hair” event at Macy’s on State Street.

To celebrate 20 years of the natural beauty brand’s existence, customers were treated to hand massages, hair consultations and sweet treats! During the event I interviewed Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter a company she started in her kitchen that has grown into a multimillion dollar natural hair care and beauty company. The former Cosby Show writer’s assistant is an inspiration to women entrepreneurs worldwide.

During our interview Lisa shared some of her career highlights:

  • ·        Meeting Oprah and being on her show.
  • ·        Walking in Macys for the first time when the Carols Daughter counter was being set up and seeing the name in the wall. That was a big moment.
  • ·        Working with Mary J. Blige to launch her first fragrance
  • ·        Becoming the #1 hair care brand after only five years on the HSN network.

Lisa was candid when the topic turned to work/life balance:

“I’ve decided that balance is different. I used to think it meant I got everything done and everybody’s happy but that’s just impossible. I recognize there are going to be days where I am a really great wife and mother and then there are days where I’m a really great company president and founder. There are only a few days where I’m going to do both of those jobs well in the same day and that’s okay. I try not to be perfect.”

Even with a busy schedule, I love that Lisa and her family still make time to relax, reconnect and travel:

“We make compromises. My family and I went on vacation for a week in July. Normally we go on a 2 week vacation at the end of the summer. I was too tired to wait that long so we compromised and did a week just to get in early and have fun.”

Her vacation destination? “The Florida Keys. You feel like you’re away but if anything happens you’re really not that far away. It’s awesome!”

Starting a business takes courage, risk and faith. Not everyone is built for that. I asked her what advice she had for young women thinking about starting a business and she shared these wise tips:

  • Be SURE you are in fact an entrepreneur – Some of us need a boss and a paycheck every week.
  • Figure out what it is that you are PASSIONATE about.  
  • Know WHY you are starting your company – What is driving you to do it?

As for the next 20 years?

For Lisa she knows that means making sure a team is in place to maintain her vision and grow the brand. “It has to get to the point where I’m able to turn it over and know that my vision will be carried through.”

Here, listen as Lisa talks about how her love of fragrances turned her business into the #1 healthy hair care brand. Meanwhile, I wish Carol’s Daughter another successful 20 years!

Toya Nicole is a savvy marketing and branding consultant whose personal mission is to inspire others to travel, embrace new experiences and live life to the fullest. Stay in touch with her as she blogs about travel, events and life lessons on her blog: Follow her on Twitter @MsTravelChic.

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