Backlash: A Comeaux Responds to Hate Mail

By A Comeaux

My pseudo supporters chimed in about my stance over the media craze that is our real life; with chagrin and pride I stand by my words. We are not Victims. We are not Slaves. We are more powerful than we know or care to take fully realize.

America is afraid of our black boys because we cultivated a culture glorifying violence. America doesn’t respect our women because we support EVERY notion of our distaste in designer heels and bad attitudes. There, I said it. I mean it and until WE ignite he change that will spark our nation’s progress, then please save your ‘we are victims’ speech.

I got hate mail and evil tweets like I’m not a black woman raising a black man-child.

I got people calling their kids bitches and their brothers niggaz and then saying they’re never watching Paula Dean shows or using her pots to fry their chicken. You’re a joke!

Yes, I typically write inclusively because no matter how much different you think we are if one is darker than another, America views a light black person the same as a dark one. We are more divided toward each other than racists can EVER be. We are more divisive within our churches, our homes, our sexuality, our schools than Jim Crow has EVER been.

‘hate our self but love their wealth’ … *inserted Yeezy lyric

Wake up, people. I’m not your boogie man. I’m accountable. I’m trying to provoke a new train of thought… to inspire you. If you don’t agree, fine, but you can’t say I’m lying.

You can’t deny the validity of my plight. We must do something within ourselves before we expect to see justice, change, respect or lo and behold, equality in America.

Stop doing in your home what you don’t want to be known for doing in the streets. Who you create, what you practice, who you nurture, is what will be presented to the world. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we’re dealing with today.

Our terms of endearment and bad boy syndrome has gone amiss. We have been wronged. We have been mistreated. We have been misrepresented. Again, I ask, what will we do about it…?

Tweet me. I’m listening.

A Comeaux

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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