No More B.S.: A Moment of Clarity

By A Comeaux
In the wake of national injustice, inner city turmoil, global wars and starvation my forced choice… I’m overwhelmed. I feel like writing about my trivial yet monumental heartaches is insensitive.
But what I can do…? How can I help troops get home? How can I feed prisoners who are using their own flesh to get justice? The justice system… oy vey!! Where do I begin?
Then there’s the millions pumped into (scripted) reality TV perpetuating the very stereotypes we say we despise. I’m tired! I understand not knowing what to do is not an excuse to do nothing. I’m sincere in my query.
What can I do…? I want to do something to ease the discomfort I get watching the news or listening to the radio hearing the glorious part of drugs, misogyny, and oppression. Sure they don’t use these words, and that’s the beauty of it, but that’s a different post.
I’ll jump out and just say it… we’re pots calling whites in America black. We support movements that take us nowhere but backwards and the second ‘they’ call us the N-word, it’s off with their heads.
We promote hood violence in tv, film, radio and our favorite rappers rapper. Then we question why whites are afraid of our children. We buy asses and dress in designers most can’t pronounce but won’t start college funds or invest in our children’s education. BUT we want America’s handouts and pardons and respect yet won’t show OURSELVES this pseudo honor within our own community.
Layman’s terms: we must take a reflective look at what we support and allow before we crucify others for doing it. *I use ‘we’ to be inclusive and not alienate one specific group. I write for inclusiveness. I can’t excel and leave you behind.*
Now what can WE do…? We promote luxury but not education. Let’s change that. We scream ‘self-made’ but what are we teaching young girls/boys about entrepreneurialism? We support causes that destroy our progression and cry inequality when ‘they’ follow suit. We must do better.
When are we going to be accountable for our actions? When are we going to take responsibility for how we handle ourselves? I do NOT in any way condone or excuse wrongful deaths, by ANYONE’S hands! We need to get Justice for ALL. Like, address each other in ways that EVERYONE can address us.
There’s nothing endearing about disrespect. We have all the resources we need to educate and empower each other. There’s enough money to rebuild every school in Chicago but which of our beloved multimillionaires are willing to unite for such a cause…? ah. I see. Rather hear about our murder rate and continue to fund gangs thru elaborate record deals. Got it.
I know what I’ll do; Write and Speak to the masses. We need each other. We can and must provoke the change we need. There’s power in our history, in numbers, in the way we have brought about change!
Yes, it’s hard but we don’t come from feeble people. We come from warriors who fought the powers that be for our rights. Please, please know the fight is not over. We just have to stop fighting each other and direct all sources of help to our generations to come. Things. Cannot. Get. Better. We must MAKE them better.
If we can rally for one we can for hundreds. If we can punish one from certain words, we can stop making songs screaming it. If we can argue over rights, we can demand those rights reach ALL underserved.
A Comeaux

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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