I Wanna Make Love (Round 2)

By A Comeaux
It’s summertime baby girl looking summer fine.
Sun kissed cheeks, hips slip past eye gazes, Hi Haters!
Buy a shot for my waiter!
Drink with me.
Meeting of minds, sweet baby, think with me.
Dance on love’s brink with me.
And I won’t let you fall.
Heard apprehension in the key of your moan.
Locked up.
Heart full of hurt, we call that emotionally knocked up.
Push through. I got you. You, the engineer of experience, a curator of sorts.
Take this smile, add this touch.
Remove that doubt, replace with this hand.
Shoulder I’d lend and bend when I need to.

Hello friend, ever pleased to meet you…

Now, about making love…I feel like something is brewing… Pull up a chair

Homemade Love

I wanna make love.

No really make it like with my two hands and your arms. For me to nurture our nest and you to protect it. Like that.

I wanna make love.

Beautifully handmade and delicate but a foundation solid. Firm. Able to withstand. Time, Temptation, Trial and life’s errors. Yes.

I wanna make love.

With the swiftness of my feet and the strength of your legs. To get over hurdles and long jump past opposition. For you to carry me if I’m weak and me able to quickly catch you if you should ever fall. Never! I got you.


I wanna make love.

With my eyes and your vision. To see your hearts desires and keep you focused on the goal. Our goal. Yours in Mine. Mine in Yours. Wanting no less than the peak of OUR success.

With my head and your thoughts. To be like-minded, on one accord with decent intentions and sweet desires. To meet you and take you. To understand you and never change but grow with you. Right from where you are. And I, too, will follow suit and allow you to be You as you respect my mind and what I do.

Your Yin to my Yang and affectionately accommodate you.

I’d write you poems that only your heart will memorize with you as my biggest fan each time I take that mic, stage and fly.

I wanna make love.

With my body. Your soul. My spirit. Your heart. 

Make it. Take something she left and Make it. Yours. Mine. Make it right. With the heavy burdens of the world with a good woman we can make it light. Because you laugh with me. I want to share my smile with you. And you can share your pain. You can be an umbrella to my worries and repel discouragements rain.


I wanna make love.

When you’re my friend first. When I can know your heart. I need to know your hearts truth even when your fear would force you to lie.

I said, I need to know your hearts truth even when your fear would force you to lie!

But you can trust this, unknown, unexpected, unplanned and undaunted heart to love.

Your weariness can find refuge in a new place you’ve never been to but will never want to leave.


Familiar strangers.

The world is our home

I wanna make love with you.

And keep your heart in mine and never let you down, no never let it break. I’ve been there and another heart crack I simply can’t take.

That means you too. Won’t break yours no not ever. I’d hand it back to you if I can’t keep it.

Unharmed and sweetly departed. No sadder scene than a tender love brokenhearted…

So, I apprehensively ask…

Do you?

Wanna make love, too?

 Tweet me @kcoSpoke and tell me about your homemade love…
A Comeaux

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