Hello Orgasm! The 6 Power Positions

By Yolanda Shoshana

Give it up for the big O, and I don’t mean Oprah. Achieving an orgasm is like winning first prize. It is a goal most of us plan to achieve when we are having sex with our partners. The following are positions that will give you an orgasm to remember. Just as a side note, if you do not have an orgasm during sex, there is nothing wrong with you. You will not have an orgasm every time, so just enjoy and have fun.

Lotus Style – This tantric position is very similar to the good old missionary position, except it requires eye contact and body-to-body contact. Simply sit your lover down with his legs crossed. As you face him, straddle his legs and seductively lower yourself on his lap. Hold on girl, no penetration just yet. Slow your roll and wrap your legs around the side of his torso, so they’re hugging his sexy bottom. Now it’s all good, so hold each other’s arms as he enters you. Rock steady back and forth together, increase your speed as you come closer to climaxing.

Lap Dance – Give a good lap dance and your partner will thank you for weeks, but if that lap dance takes a turn into hot passionate loving you will be crowned a true Queen. Wear your sexiest lingerie and play some seductive tunes. Use a tall-backed padded chair and then straddle him as you lean back. Tease and play as you slowly begin to extend your legs, one at a time, until your ankles are resting on his shoulders. Proceed with intercourse. You go girl!

Downtown – This move is one of a woman’s favorites when done correctly. This position can curl the toes like no other. When your lover goes down on you and spends quality time downtown it is a very intimate process. Make sure that you are communicating with your partner when something that they are doing is totally doing it for you. Also, guide him in the direction that you want him to go so that he gets you off just the way you like it.

Unison – This is great for a simultaneous orgasm. The key to this position is slowing down and enjoying each other. Take the time to kiss and caress each other during intercourse. Have him sit down in a low chair with his legs relaxed. Facing your man, then straddle him with your feet on the floor. Slowly lower yourself onto his penis. Slowly let just the tip of his penis enter you, and then lower yourself inch by inch until you’re allowing him full entry.

Shower Power – They don’t show sexy shower scenes in movies for nothing. Shower sex is one fine time. The water can actually bring extra power to the man’s thrust. Stand directly under the showerhead, make sure the water is running, and you are standing where it hits the point of entry. Now lean forward, keeping your back straight and your hands on your thighs. Your partner should stand behind you, holding your waist as he enters you.

Butterfly – This is one sensual and sexy position. Everything has to be aligned between you and your partner. A great place for this is where you are the one lying down, and he can stand in front of you. Think kitchen table, counter, desk, or just use your imagination. You have to be able to lift your legs and rest them on his shoulders. Tilt yourself upward so that your pelvis is angled up toward him, and your crotches meet and greet in a delightful way.

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