Chicago Business Profile: Vau've Anais Davis

Chicago Business Profile: Vau've Anais Davis
Vau've Anais Davis

A Reflection of Beauty: Vau’ve Anais

By Lydia Katherine

“People are like stained glass windows, they sparkle and shine when the sun is out but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed, only if there is a light from within. “- Author Elisabeth Küblerross

The Chicago business community is bustling with young entrepreneurs.

Vau’ve Anais Davis’s light shines so brightly from within that good energy beams wall-to-wall when in her presence. Vau’ve is the founder of  Official Anais PR and she makes moves that matter.   Commonly referred to as “The Connector” bringing people together to serve with purpose, and to connect the dots for artists, businesses and others in public relations, has brought success: Only two years old, the Official Anais PR firm won The Annual BCG Awards for Not-For Profit and Event Planning PR.

Vau’ve is an entrepreneur who makes moves with humility and is one of my fresh faces of Chicago!

Q & A with Vau’ve Anais Davis

What is your personal philosophy?

My personal philosophy is that we should all give in some capacity.
I feel very strongly that our lives should fall in line with that we encourage others to do, whether it be our behavior, attitude, responses to negativity, education, being proactive in society etc.
I also believe that success is subjective. What success means to one person varies from the next, so there should be no comparisons and competing when our objectives are all different.

How important is patience and good faith in your field?

I learn daily how important the virtue of patience and STRONG faith is in my personal and business life. They actually work hand in hand. We learn some of life’s greatest lessons while exercising patience. If we were to acquire all the things we wanted right when we wanted them there would be a lot more “I wish I had” moments. God builds our character and faith during those times when we have to practice patience. Oftentimes, things are revealed that we couldn’t see at the outset. As it relates to business though, patience and faith are in tandem. You must have faith before you attempt do anything, and then you have to exercise patience after you have sown seeds while working diligently.

What tools do you use to build your brand?

I use various tools but I have found great success in volunteering, social media, hosting events as well as consistently networking.

What’s your best advice for entrepreneurs?

My best advice for an entrepreneur is to, do the WORK. By there being so many “short-cuts” to networking (social media) and meeting ‘gatekeepers’ (instant access to the powerful) oftentimes people want to bypass the “process.”

The process is necessary. It’s great having new technology and ways to work smarter not harder, but I’ve observed that many successful people went through a process that was necessary to propel and prepare them for what was waiting on the other side. It was during those 20+ trips to the radio station to submit a song that artists learned how to be persistent and have tenacity. Back when traditional public relations were prevalent, PR professionals relied heavily on face-to-face communication. Today we often use mass communication in modern public relations. They are both effective but the face-to-face communication forced people to engage rather than observe from afar. The challenges of making those things take place helped mold some of the best PR professionals to date. Do the work, remain a student.

 What’s next for Vau’ve?

I’m actually working to build my personal brand, Vau’ve Anais, this year. I’m excited. I look to focus on philanthropy, resource development for entrepreneurs as well as a few other projects (clothing line brand ambassador, Magazine Community Relations Coordinator etc.).

I’m currently working with a Chicago leadership organization to help raise funds to bless families and small business across Chicago. I will also be hosting a Shark Tank viewing social this summer, stay tuned for the details on Twitter @OfficialAnais!

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Lydia Katherine believes in living for the moment, loving every moment, laughing at past moments and building greater moments! Follow her on Twitter: @Lkaton10


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