Calm Down Black Women: Dwayne Johnson Loves You!

Calm Down Black Women: Dwayne Johnson Loves You!

By Zondra Hughes

As a Black woman, I understand the rage, after all, why would Essence magazine, a revered title for African American women, reserve its precious cover to show love to a brother who doesn’t like us?

Valid argument, indeed; but the venom is reserved for the wrong guy.

While an associate editor for Ebony, I interviewed Dwayne Johnson several times, spent several working days with him, and my colleagues and I attended his WWE show and a film premiere with him when he came to Chicago.  Dwayne Johnson is not that Brother that avoids Black women like the plague.  

Johnson’s father is the Black wrestling legend Rocky Johnson. His mother is Samoan; Dani, his (ex-wife), also the mother of his child, is a woman of color.  

Dwayne Johnson embraces his Black culture and his Samoan culture; more than that, he’s a business man and would not court an audience that he wants nothing to do with. (To be clear, some A-list Black celebrities do not grant interviews to Black media outlets, believe it or not; Dwayne Johnson is not that guy).

So, calm down Black women, and give Essence editors their props; Dwayne Johnson deserves that cover as one of the hottest Brothers in Hollywood because he is that—Dwayne Johnson is hot, and he’s your Brother.


Zondra Hughes, CEO of the Six Brown Chicks, is a Huffington-Post blogger, author, and doting auntie.; @zondrahughes

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