I love Pot! But I HATE Weed!

By Nicole Harding

Pots! Pots! OMG! I love pots, and I sure hate WEEDS!!!  And I see what a missing letter can do to your message! Lol

If you are anything like me, then you get a natural high from driving up to your home and seeing a nice crisp entrance. Not too busy but a little “pow” of color just to remind you of all that nature can do. But who has the time for weeding and maintenance. Not me! So……..bring on the pots!!

Pots can be as fancy or plain as you desire. I use a basic budget of $10-per-pot for the season for the porch and use leftovers or “extras” for other random pots around my yard and in my rose garden.

What I buy with the ten bucks is easy…..a bushy flowering annual, a sweet potato vine, and a coleus. These three are tried-and-true and while they start small they never fail to please. No weeding, a little water and you are done! Front porch bare? Patio pitiful? No worries. Shopping now, a little late for the season can give you great sales and a bigger show. Pop these in and you are BBQ ready!

Too much going on using that method? One big perennial can get it done for my minimalists out there. I use a clump of sedum in a cement planter and get a classic English Garden feel with no work. And…..it comes back every year.

Now that is a onetime investment this real chick can live with!

Terra cotta your cup of tea? Strawberries or Hens and chicks make a great addition to any porch and again, no work.

Plant and you are done. Super quick and super cute….season after season!

Whatever your choice of intoxication…….simple, mixed, annuals, or perennials…….you can’t go wrong with pots all over for a polished porch that says I am ready for company.

Puff on that! J Real talk!

Nicole Harding is an expert in leadership development and a wife and mother focused on spreading positivity; one conversation, one home project, and one dynamite deal at a time. Follow Nicole on Twitter: @RealTalkNic

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