Mother's Day: Love, Honor and FORGIVE Your Mom

Mother's Day: Love, Honor and FORGIVE Your Mom

By Tania Brown

This Mother’s Day…

I never knew the magnitude of a mother’s love until I became a mother myself. Growing up, I would always wonder why my mother was so protective of us. She’s still very protective of us even though we’re adults.  As I grew older, I realized that was her charge as a mother—to protect us and love us unconditionally. It’s the kind of love that words can’t describe.  I am blessed to have a praying mother who took us before God even when we didn’t know it-always wanting the best for us and sometimes sacrificing her own happiness for ours. Although growing up was not easy, I came to realize that God chose her for me. It’s not by happenstance she’s my Mommy. I am who I am because of who she is.

This Mother’s Day, some of you may be struggling with reconciling a strained relationship with your Mom. Take those steps to fix that relationship this year. Life is very short. We are to honor our mother. The Word doesn’t say, “honor your mother who has been good and great all the days of her life.”

Whatever situations you may have experienced with your mother – whether it was abandonment, drug abuse or anything in between, FORGIVE her.

God chose your mother before you were born to give you the “package” you needed to be who you are today. The struggles you may have faced with your mother are your testimony and all the more reason to reach out to someone else facing this issue right now.

It is also your responsibility not to repeat the cycle. Reconcile. Heal. Grow. For reasons unknown, she may have struggled with being the mother you needed growing up, but she loves you and if she could turn back the hands of time, she would.  If you are now a mother, be there for you children and break any cycles that hinder your relationship.  Your children are depending on you to get it right.

            Some of you may be coping with the fact that your mother has completed her assignment here on Earth and is in Heaven. I’ve seen my own mother and friends struggle with this. They describe it as a feeling of emptiness that nothing can repair. Know that she loved you and that she is watching over you. She’s given you the tools you’ll need to succeed in life. Know that God makes no mistakes.

Hats off to all mother’s this Mother’s Day and on every day.

 A mother’s relationship with her children is by far one of the most important relationships we will ever have; it shapes who we are and who we will become. Model those behaviors that you want to see in your children as they grow. Hug them and kiss them often. Love them unconditionally. It may not always be easy but it is by far one of God’s greatest blessings.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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