Let's Get Intimate...

By Yanni Brown

Intimate Discussions is where adult conversations meet men and women who are interested in doing Love, Life and the pursuit of balance better. It’s a monthly meeting of the minds where singles, curious, couples, married men and women collectively get twogether to engage in thought provoking conversations about relationships.

The conversations are real, relative and relational. They address real life issues and relationships that we all have, had or is facing or struggling with today.  What I love about “Intimate Discussions” is that the people that attend are there because they are genuinely looking to have a conversation and more importantly looking for positive solutions. We come together and we have a really good time in the name of love. It is here where we ask the difficult questions, answer the difficult questions and yes there are times where we have to pick up our faces because the subject matter hits close to home.

It’s up close, personal, in your face and said out of love! It’s US having a conversation and learning from each other.

Some of the highlights from last months’ Intimate Discussions were:

“Why buy the cow, when the milk is free? All milk is free until you’ve been chosen to be wife’d. Now if you choose to give yours away for Free, then that’s an added bonus for him.”

“Your boyfriend is NOT your husband, so stop giving all your wifely goodies away…”

There are always quite a few take aways from Intimate Discussions, but this month Tasha Fuller left us all with some great golden nuggets.  She said “Ladies, prepare yourself for the questions that you NEED to ask and more importantly be ready for the answer that you get and then act accordingly.”

We encouraged freedom of speech, and a sense of humor with the intent of sharing, sharing our own experiences, the good, bad and the ugly in hopes that getting our issues out in the open was therapeutic to the person sharing and beneficial to the person listening. We invite you to join us, all we asked is that you come with an open mind, be willing to listen to others’ opinions and ready to enjoy, laugh and learn.

For more information about Intimate Discussions be sure to check out Making Love Better TwoGether.


Yanni Brown

Video by Zondra Hughes

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