15 Things You REALLY Want to Say at Work But Can't

15 Things You REALLY Want to Say at Work But Can't
Here are a few things you may want your coworkers to know! Photo: © Dnadigital | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

By Jasmine Browley

While in attendance at the She’s In Color panel discussion featuring the Six Brown Chicks, I heard a profound quote: “Success happens when what you do and what you believe are aligned.”

In this hamster wheel we call life, there are quite a few of us who have not quite yet seen that epithet come to fruition. Therefore, we deal with a lot of “BS” in the workplace. It is inevitable that our surrogate family (co-workers)  bring some, um, grievances that you can do without. Here are some of the most universal occurrences that irk folks at work.

1. Drinking the last cup of water from the cooler or coffee without replenishing the supply: when at home, your mother told you not to leave a “corner” of orange juice in the carton. Apply this same courtesy with the J.O.B’s H2O.

2. People with loud consumption habits: this is the politically correct way of saying that you eat like a mad cow. CLOSE YOUR MOUTH AND EAT QUIETLY. It literally turns everyone off from eating their own Mac n’ Cheese.

3. Being surrounded by Mr. and Mrs. Butt-inski: self-explanatory …

4. Re-heating food that leaves the workplace smelling like Moby Dick’s boom-boom room: we all know you love your fried perch combo; but unless your office is cross ventilated, you are being extremely inconsiderate by subjecting your coworkers to your meal’s funk.

5. Typing loudly: This is one of the things that probably would go unnoticed by the untrained ear; but if one listens closely, it is one of the most infuriating things a person can do.

6. Too many Chiefs: coworkers that go above and beyond their job description, with no credentials (or authority) to back up their “leader” mentality.

7. Incorrect grammar in work e-mails: No one takes your threatening email seriously if you spell every fourth word WORNG.

8. Lack of interpersonal skills: although we are all aware that high school never truly ends, you have no reason to act like that mean girl who refused the geeks a lunch table invitation or the mousey geek who got “book-checked” every passing period. Communication is paramount in the workplace, even non-verbal communication. Speak up, when the time is right; be polite ALWAYS, and avoid idle gossip…when possible.

9. People who make no qualms about hating their job: we all know you thought you were going to be the next Beyoncé’ or Kobe Bryant. But do not let your failed aspirations loom over you like a dark cloud, especially since it affects your workplace morale. Either Google “make me happy” techniques or update your “LinkedIn” profile and resume.

We know how outrageous some folks can act at work! Photo: © Danmorgan12 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

We know how outrageous some folks can act at work! Photo: © Danmorgan12 | Dreamstime Stock Photos

10. Talking unfavorably about management only to other coworkers: this is for all of those who throw shade on their superiors, but when a “come to glory” opportunity presents itself, they are as quiet and polite as a church mouse. Speak up or pipe down because no one likes to look at two faces.

11. Being culturally insensitive: We all are aware of that one picture proudly displayed on your desk with you and your “ethnic” friend. However, this does not grant you the right to partake in conversations that would leave Don Imus blushing. Take some time and think about every single word that you want to come out of your mouth before it does. It’ll save us all a lot of collective eye rolls.

12. Being culturally hypersensitive: This is the extreme version of the advice given above. Instead of being yourself, you think about every racially charged incident within the last 300 years, and apply them to every mental conversation you have with yourself. Everyone is not racist, prejudiced, or a bigot.

13. Treating a social networking site as your workplace therapist: Your followers do not particularly care about someone taking your food out the microwave 17 seconds early.

14. Speaking in hushed tones-alluding to the fact that non-work related gossip is occurring: save all of the whispering for church. It’s just plain rude to constantly and blatantly whisper while in the company of others. Call it paranoia, but no one wants to think that you are talking about them behind their back while, you’re well, in front of her face.

15. Taking things that do not belong to you: After carefully writing your name all over that ice-cold Pepsi, all you want to do at lunch time is sip, and unwind, right? Wrong! Someone “mistakenly” grabbed your beverage for the third time. Do us all a favor and spend some of your paycheck on your own food.


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