Valentine's Day 2013: Sorry Cupid, let's be realistic!

Valentine's Day 2013: Sorry Cupid, let's be realistic!

By Lydia Katherine

“Just let my love adorn you…” as Miguel would say.

How will your sweetest love adorn you this Valentine’s Day?

The best gift is one that you are able to reminisce of the day, hour and minute you are overwhelmed with the grandest and most complete feeling.

Before this becomes a lush romantic compilation of words, I need to address a few issues with the little Greek diaper-draped man.

Such an Americanized holiday as Valentine’s Day weighs heavily as a monetary commitment to verify true affection of another.

So what do those chocolate boxes and bunches of roses and lilies and orchids really provide? These items make a woman feel special, momentarily.

Indeed, you feel truly appreciated, at that moment, but I can’t seem to accept that eventually, love songs will end; flowers wilt and chocolates will make me fat!

Yes, I am shooting Cupid down.

It’s just, I am tired of Valentine’s Day becoming ‘wipe the slate clean’ occasion for deadbeat boyfriends.  Why do we tolerate this ONE designated day of the year to receive love notes, candies, and rose petals thrown at our feet? The very act of draping our hearts with love and attention for one day only is as faux as a polyester fur wrap!

If your man is a dog chasing a bone on February 13, ladies please understand he is the same dog chasing a bone on February 14th. The same!

Valentine’s Day isn’t magic, it won’t transform your man or his routine.

So, while you’re  getting all prim and proper, tuned up with Monica’s “Love All Over Me” in the air, he will be cruising in his Cadillac, whipping around the corner to your place listening to T.I featuring Nelly’s “ain’t nothin’ open but legs…”

And while you’re twirling the curlers to frame your First Lady bangs, please think of what he has done for you lately. If your list of emotional needs is longer than your list of emotional haves, you need to greet him at the doorstep with a change of heart!

And if you do close that door, do not look back! He will still be there. He will be there until you move forward, so far ahead that even the thought of what once was, will become nothing but a mirage in the distance!

If he hasn’t shown up for your class on How to Love a Good Woman until the day of the exam show him the door. Do not accept that Valentine’s Day card as a free pass for him to continue to ignore your needs. Rip that Valentine’s Day card and instead call a spade a spade.

Next semester, maybe, he”ll study hard on how to treat a good woman like yourself. If not, perhaps you’ll find another star student.

In the meantime, ladies, live, love, laugh and eat chocolate cake!

Lydia Katherine

Lydia Katherine is a Six Brown Chick correspondent. Follow Lydia on Twitter (if she let’s you!) @Lkaton10

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