Inside the minds of men on Superbowl Sunday

Inside the minds of men on Superbowl Sunday
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It’s Superbowl Sunday-do you know what your man is thinking?

I do!

For the third time in recent weeks, I have been exposed to the inner workings of the male psyche. Guess what? Men are not difficult to understand, in fact, they are downright simple.

At Yanni’s Intimate Discussions event, a male attendee told the audience: “A man will tell you in the very beginning what he’s about. That will not change.”

This is something that I know first-hand. Several weeks ago, I met a guy who told me: “I  just want to have fun because I’m totally focused on my career right now.”


We went out on a few great dates, and we liked each other. He spoiled me when I saw him, however, the guy’s availability was spotty at best. Like he said beforehand, he was focused on his career, and our mutual affection would not–and did not–change that. Great guy; I miss him.

A few days ago, the Chicks interviewed Rev. Run and Tyrese about their upcoming book, Manology.

During our interview, Rev. Run said the best way to capture a man’s heart is to avoid getting caught up in what he’s doing. Instead, do your own thing, take care of your business, and do not make yourself readily available at his every whim. A man is attracted to a woman who is on her A-game because he can envision a life partner, not just a lover.

On Thursday night, I learned that a man wants to court his potential lover.

He is just as uncomfortable with the new love rules that dictate a woman should chase a man; fight another woman for a man; and even ignore his indiscretions if she wants to keep a man’s interest.

At the recent 50 Most Wanted: Men of Style and Substance event, I witnessed men court women and they courted them hard. These bachelors played the piano, danced, sang, flirted, bought drinks, recited poetry and bared their souls to the roomful of women with the hopes of winning someone over.

In that setting, the women were relaxed and basking in the attention that the men heaped upon them…and it was so lovely to behold.

Last but not least, I learned a truth from the Netflix original series House of Cards, that stars Kevin Spacey as a ruthless congressman. Spacey’s character says: “Everything is about sex but sex. Sex is about power.”

Perhaps we should keep that in mind when we are tempted to giveaway ours.

Love, peace and hair grease…


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