5 Signs That You're Trapped in SkankTown

5 Signs That You're Trapped in SkankTown

 By Zondra Hughes

SkankTown is not a place on any map; instead, it’s the act of allowing your sexy/racy/crazy side to take over.

SkankTown is a cool place to visit–momentarily–and it can be therapeutic, I am told.

Many women visit SkankTown to soothe a broken heart, or to get revenge on a shady lover, or to reaffirm that they’ve still got the look. Conventional wisdom states that a woman has a right to visit SkankTown at least three times in her life–as a wayward teen, after dramatic weight loss; and/or as a woman who has hit a brick wall in some other area of her life and she’s desperate to do something or someone different for inspiration.

Some folks wander into SkankTown city limits and have no idea that they’ve done so, so here are a few clues:

  1. When in SkankTown, you’ll wear your favorite summer dress to the club in the dead of winter because, dammit, that’s your favorite dress and it looks good on you all year long.
  2. When in SkankTown you’ll meet that no-good ex-lover who lives with someone else just to prove that he’s still wrapped around your finger.
  3. When in SkankTown you’ll post booty pictures on Facebook—never mind that your boss and pastor are your Facebook friends.
  4. When in SkankTown, your after-hours networking sessions don’t end until sunrise.
  5. And, when in SkankTown, you’re not above seducing your best friend because, well, why not?

Residents of SkankTown are reckless and hypersexual and they like being that way.

And therein lies the problem.

SkankTown, if you must visit, should be a temporary pit stop as you make your way down the road to emotional stability—and less risky hookups.

So if you’re trapped in SkankTown, reassess your behavior and get out of there!

After all, SkankTown is just one stoplight away from the all-male town of HoVille, and men who travel there never seem to get out!


Nor do they want to.



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    Oh, my 20's were filled with a couple temporary stops to "skanktown" lol. Thank God for growth!!! Great post Zondra:)

  • I know a few ppl who got stuck in Skanktown & made a life out it, glorifying truly believing its a way of life yet blaming every failed body for not being authenic...as I told her...oh their authenic...its just not where or the way to find love...its only a pit stop...not a lifestyle. I pray for my friend. (Zondra, truth unveiled)

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