Feeling Lonely? Overwhelmed? Well, Thank You for Understanding Me

Feeling Lonely? Overwhelmed? Well, Thank You for Understanding Me

By A Comeaux

I’m feeling some sort of way these days. Lonely. Emotional. Confused. Overwhelmed.

Yet, there’s a sense of gratitude deep in my heart for you, the readers who’ve supported me along this journey.

From my first book to my induction into Six Brown Chicks and the outpouring of concern after my abrupt departure, whew! And still here I am.

And here you are…with me as I travel this road with only a plea to be heard, understood and hopefully hugged when needed.

I’ve had some pretty low blows that took the very breath I needed to weep.

Usually suffering in silence, but I wasn’t alone, even though I acted out as if I were in a whirlwind alone.

You watched me.

You read my dark posts.

You commented, emailed and Tweeted your connection and your understanding.

And just as silently as I cried, I whispered Thank You.

But just as I’m learning to say I need you, I’m acclimating my soul to say I appreciate you. Publicly. I’m learning, growing, and in this there is pain but I suffer not as one. I’m not only
one of Six, but I’m one of You!

I simply want to send this post to you all to say You are who I do this for.

You are the reason I’m able to be transparent, risqué and fly thru these moments with courage in my wings.

Writing has always been therapeutic, saving me from childhood depression at the demise of my family as I knew it.

Writing gave my personality a place to flourish and a chance to hone a skill that I today realize I was blessed with.

The ability to articulate my thoughts, ills, trials and humiliating errors is my sanity’s safe haven. I write for peace. This peace is mine and I gain it each time I sit to let my heart speak. Thank you for listening.

Thank you for your dialogue. Thank you for believing in me when you didn’t even know me! From my WCIU days, and the resemblance some of you saw in my wit and zest, Thank you.

For the awkward girls and the confused ones, for the broken hearts and husbandless mothers, thank you for identifying with me.

Even if all you did was ‘Like’ my post. I want to thank every writer in my life, those I exchange stanzas on Twitter with. Those writers I email a few lines to and the reply is a poem that soothes my soul. Thank you. To the aspiring authors who inbox me a million questions 🙂 Thank you.

This was given to me, someone saw my hunger and shared a passion to write. In my quest to pay it forward, I wrote for the masses giving my best shot and being a light in a dark place. I’m grateful each time someone asks ‘How did you do it’ ? It tells me I did something right in the midst of my life’s wrongs. I wrote. I write for you. To see play by play of where you, too, can go as well!

Tweet me @kcoSpoke or email me at contactacomeaux@gmail.com and stay connected with me. Questions, ideas, topics, let’s converse. I’ll tell you Thanks personally. That’s my word.

All for you reading mine… Thank you eternally.

A Comeaux

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