Emotional Predators Surface During the Holidays

Emotional Predators Surface During the Holidays
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 By Dawgelene “Dr. Dawj” Sangster

I have been preyed upon recently by “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” after the loss of my husband and sister, and let’s just say that I’ve put my running shoes on and I run like hell is chasing me these days.

Many have lost loved ones, are financially broken, emotionally disconnected and were/are too spiritually weak to often notice when these predators scope them out to provide “comfort.”

We oftentimes-meet people that we think are fabulous, awesome, wonderful and amazing (F.A.W.A). They light a spark in us that make us feel a sense of happiness, appreciation for who we are and make us feel special.

Oftentimes, these people are the unknown individuals that we never paid attention to; the ones that never caught our eye or would have ever hand a chance with us–or us with them–in the first place. Circumstances and tragedy have allowed our paths to cross and now we connect.

The problem with this connection is that it is one-sided, cold and was “premeditated.”

While one person “thinks” it is genuine and they are receiving help from a caring and loving soul, the other person has it in his/her mind to “destroy/kill” the wounded soul. They are known for being hidden, sitting back and observing everything and everyone, waiting for the “right” time to pounce…on the wounded “prey.”

Yes, I said, “prey” because they are known as predators.

They sit back and lie in wait for the lonely, broken, rejected and hurting souls of the mentally, spiritually and emotionally wounded, and attack when they think the time is right.

While this happens throughout the year, it most often happens during the holidays, especially when the wounded is missing a loved one.

I cannot tell you the countless stories I have heard recently from those who have been wounded further by these predators during the most painful time in their lives.

I am sickened by the hurt that I see in so many who have been preyed upon because of their recent “misfortunes” and have since been wounded further.

God called it, I believed it and the rest is history.

However, some individuals are not as prone for “breaking away,” as others are when they notice a fire because they want/need the “heat” that the predator is giving.

Guard your heart, mind, spirit and bodies ladies and gentlemen.

If you have been wounded or know someone who has been wounded further in their hurting by these “predators” mentioned above, pray for them first, then please send me an email to thinkroyally@gmail.com and share your story

Let’s protect our sisters and brothers from being hurt further because, I AM MY SISTER/ I AM MY BROTHER…we are one.



Dr. Dawj


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    I'm sorry that you experienced this and prAy that everyone that has had this to occur finds inner peace so strong that the outside world can't creep in.

  • Thx Lo-Lo :) Girl is has come from family members, so-called friends and just folk in general, making it hard to trust who is actually supporting you genuinely. I just pray, shake my head and keep it moving! Love you!

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