A Woman

A Woman

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

A Woman

I’ve been talking with a few women lately and after engaging in some thought provoking conversation I thought that
I would dedicate my blog to women.
I’m a woman, five foot three, four, five, six or more.
I’ve been broken, dreams shattered, hopes splattered yet still longing for more.
I am more than what lies between my thighs
Yet the media, society and rap music says otherwise.
I’ve been called angry because I’ve been angry, disappointed, and ashamed.
I’ve been passed up, passed on and passed over trying to play this big girl game.
I am light skinned, caramel, sun kissed vanilla, mocha and fair somewhere in between,
I have long hair, short hair, a bald fade and extensions to my spleen.

I’m a woman with self-esteem issues because if we were to discuss the real issues we would all need tissue!
I wear my confidence with matching accessories, a coke and a smile, because I am somebody.
Because somebody told somebody, who then told me that I am somebody and that I’m’ worthwhile!

I am a woman! complicated, emotional, self assured, re-assuring, nuturing, loving and then so much more.
I am a woman defined, undefined, redefined and entertwined with the residue of my past.
A woman who has repaired, reshaped and restructured my present with a comma, that simply states
Who am today is deeply rooted in who I was but IT does not dictate who I will become.

I am a woman, beautiful flaws and all. I have been created with and for purpose!
There are things that a woman will endure that a man will never understand but we ask that you just be supportive and yes hold our hand!
We ask that you show up and give us what we need in times when we are unsure of what we want! Allow us to BE! Be vulnerable, Be honest, Be Safe, Be unsure
We even just want to be
because in any given moment we just don’t know
but we need for you to BE ok with that too!

WE are worth our weight in gold but we become worthy when we realize our worth!
We have the power to affect and influence generations past, present and future with merely our presence.
When you show up, be present with your presence and your essence. Show the world just how beautiful of a woman you really are!

I am a woman! I am Beautiful, comedic, sensitive, emotional, complicated at times, unsure of myself, secure within myself, smart, caring, loving,
I have purpose, I’m passionate, I’m a mother, daughter, friend, and with me I carry wisdom, a kind and inspiring word.

This is not just my story but that of many women! So the next time that you encounter a woman, look beyond who you think that she is spend a lil’ time to get to know her.
You may just love the person hiding behind who everyone thinks that she is or should be while getting to know A WOMAN… Flaws and all!

Yanni Brown

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