The Decision: Your Man or Your Child?

The Decision: Your Man or Your Child?

By A Comeaux

Alright ladies, let’s get real. No one really wants to become, get, and STAY Single!

(If you do and you’re reading this, be a real friend and send to someone who relates)…  There’s a plethora of causes that can land a damsel compatibly distressed.

Today I’m writing about the almighty decision of choosing between your ‘boo’ or your baby. Touchy subject I know, but together we’re about to grab this thing by the horns.

When mama bear realizes papa bear is gone to the dark place of no return, we’re faced with a hardcore pronouncement we’ll be raising daddy-less baby bears. *sigh.

To put it in perspective, there is a cold side-eye to that mom who moves her ‘boo’ in the home “too soon” because of molestation, physical abuse, and dissension,  new men in the home with children is an automatic red flag. And I don’t mean red like the rose lenses being in love comes with, I mean red as in danger, STOP, halt as in give it some time!

I never write hypothetically unless I mention I’m being hypothetical. This isn’t one of those times.

I, too, am a mother.  I don’t want to be alone the rest of my life! Being an extremist, this is the only other polar. Ladies, there are sacrifices we make daily for the safety and wellbeing of our children. From the schools they attend sports/recreation and their overall quality of life rests in the palms of our pretty little hands. And goodness do we juggle!

What DO you do when you have a man in mind and heart and it feels like the right thing to do is merge families? Bills are cut in half (or alleviated if you get a good one); you get a hand around the house, and a snuggle bug in bed who’s not afraid of the dark!

YES!! Sounds titillating at first thought, but please dig.

It’s our due diligence to be sure the man and everything that comes with him suits our lives; his children are a factor, his income is a factor, his criminal and credit history is a factor, his beliefs and disciplinary tactics are a factor. Side note:  stay tuned, we’ll address these “factors” in another blog.

Men, if you’re reading this, kudos! It lets me know you’re already privy on the discussion ABOUT you, now take heed and do the same with the women involved in your life.  Yes we all have hips, but every chick you date isn’t mommy material.

Ladies, every man we call our ‘boo’ isn’t meant to father our children. When faced with ‘the decision,’ you should never have to choose…

If one can’t coincide with the other in harmony, stick with your baby.

A parent’s love supersedes ALL.  Find creative ways to date and wake up to your ‘boo,’ but never, no not EVER, at the expense of your baby. The cost is too high—and a child should never have to pay.

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