A Beautiful Surprise....

A Beautiful Surprise....

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

It was unexpected, uncomfortable and downright intrusive! You see I was minding my business literally minding my own business when I decided to make room to receive. I’ve been a giver all of my life and came to the conclusion that this is my gift and my curse! I had conveniently built walls around my heart in the name of love, refusing and at times running from anyone or anything that remotely looked like it was attracted to me. For as much as I am love, talk about love and ultimately want to be loved I decided some time ago that if LOVE wanted me it was gonna have to come and find me. I was NOT going to look for it!

You see I’ve looked for and found love in all of the wrong places and I just needed to take a moment to have a moment to rebuild and refuel my very depleted love tank. Looking back they were amazing teaching moments but at the time LOVE left me broken and weak.

So I went off on an adventure of learning to love me. It was the most uncomfortable, unfamiliar, hardest work I’ve ever done. I even wrote a book about it! Even then I continued on about the business of business. I made it convenient to not have time for love because I was helping everyone else with love. I worked and I worked creating and building the brand of Making Love Better TwoGether.

It was during a conversation and series of fb postings about being open that my girlfriends and I accepted the challenge. The challenge was simply to “BE OPEN to RECEIVE”. Sounds easy enough right? Now for my good friends that know me they also know that I have a few control issues and BEING OPEN to RECEIVE is everything but a controlled environment. Being open to receive says that I am open to BEING PRESENT in the moment of life happening and that I don’t need to control what happens I just need to enjoy life as it happens. It took some time but I got there!

It wasn’t until I got to a place of receiving that my world was interrupted by an unexpected beautiful surprise. The only way that I can explain the feeling is that it’s like falling down with absolutely nothing to grab or hold on to! All you can do is hope that the person that you are falling for is willing to catch you.

When it comes to matters of the heart what ever you are feeling it’s yours! OWN IT! Feelings are never right or wrong, they just are!

They need not be rationalized or handled… You will do that when you need to! In the moment just allow yourself to feel whatever comes your way, be open and ENJOY!


Yanni Brown



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  • The lesson is always about love! In your own words, let go, let flow! There is a spititual statement that warns us to guard our hearts because out of it flows the issues of life. In other words what's in the heart will control our actions so we must be sure that the heart is free to give and RECEIVE love! Once love fills the heart then love controls the heart, and you my Sister have given your old "controlling" self over to love in your pursuit of learning to love yourself! Now, that was the hard part!

    Remember love is ACTION and only after we act on our feelings do we allow love to flow! Whether it turns out to be agape, philo, or eros love; to have experienced love for loves sake makes the ensuing feelings easier to express. Matters of the heart have always been my love compass, regardless of how it looks as long as I recognize the feeling as love, then I embrace it with the one I am loving, My Love. Sometimes we are blessed to get all 3 loves in a relationship but it will cost you, your HEART ....

    Step back and let love flow. You are free to live, laugh and love life! Enjoy the stress free journey and just be free to let love take you on a love high ride! After all YOU deserve it!!!!

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