Sleeping with Psychos and Other Tales on New WVON Show

Sleeping with Psychos and Other Tales on New WVON Show

“I’m about to be the mother of your child, how about a little respect?”

–A broken-ego Alex tells her weekend lover Daniel in the 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction.

By Zondra Hughes

A classic movie that women and men should see is Fatal Attraction. The Michael Douglas/Glenn Close thriller tracks the fallout from a married man’s weekend affair, and is one of the strongest “don’t get caught with your pants down” PSAs for cheaters everywhere.

In the film, the affair between Daniel (Douglas) and Alex (Close) happens so organically that you could relate to how Daniel was lulled into sleeping with the sexy psycho.

“Are you discreet?” Alex baits her lover as they decide that two consenting adults can have an affair while his wife and child are out of town.

It’s evident that Alex knows the ground rules, yet she is the one to change them immediately when the affair ends.

This movie remains one of my all-time favorites because I’ve seen fatal attractions up close and personal.

For ten years I’ve explored the far side of love and relationships, as a professional editor (Ebony magazine, N’Digo, and rolling out), blogger, (Six Brown Chicks, and the Huffington-Post) and as an author, and I’ve seen otherwise good people do very bad things when their love is rebuffed.

For example, why would a grown man, with a wife of his own, hide in a lover’s bushes and yell “surprise, bitch!” just because the woman refused to leave her husband for him?

Why would a woman dress up in her naughty outfit to surprise her lover on his job, knowing full well that his boss was also his live-in girlfriend?

What is it about the ego that leads some of us to believe that no matter what the ground rules were before sex, afterwards, all bets are off?

Can great sex make us this silly? Or does the ego make us behave badly? This is just one of the many issues that I will explore, with experts, authors, and yes, real-life fatal attraction survivors on The SpeakEasi: Real Talk About Love & Crappiness, a one-hour adult talk show that debuts on 1690 WVON the Talk of Chicago.

The SpeakEasi allows listeners to become the fly on the wall as we explore the fascinating love lives of everyday men and women who will share their experiences of slippin,’ dippin,’ and ego-trippin,’ all in the name of love.

In the Can This Love Be Saved? segment experts and authors will join me in the studio to add their best advice about whether a chosen listener should repair a rocky relationship, or abandon ship.

The SpeakEasi: Real Talk About Love & Crappiness, airs on Saturdays at 6 p.m. on 1690 WVON, the Talk of Chicago.

Call in and share, (773-591-1690 in Chicago), 877-591-1690 outside of Illinois, or just sit back and listen to love stories from front lines; who knows? The love life you hear may just be your own.


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