By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

I am often in awe of those who find themselves in a frenzy, usually because of a situation that they’ve created themselves.

Now I understand that EVERYBODY plays a fool at one point or another and that the world is filled with Givers & Takers and you could be on either end of the scale in the blink of an eye. I get it!

I’ve been there and done that. To tell the truth I think that I’m still there. However I’m not waiting for someone to come and rescue me!

My mother, yes Katie Brown, says there is nothing wrong with being in a situation. You can complain about it for a minute but then I need to know what’s your plan?

What are you doing in the mean time?

Create a plan of action and then move on it.

Are you doing all that you can do, or are you waiting for someone or something to jump in and save you? STOP WAITING!

Why would someone be willing to save you if you are not willing to DO THE WORK to save yourself?

The pity party that you are planning, no one is RSVPing… Because in 2012 everyone has their own SHIFT that they are dealing with, you have to make the best of it. You do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.

For this and many other reasons I LOVE MY MOTHER! She always puts things in perspective for me.

It’s easy to fall backward, it doesn’t require any balance. It’s comfortable, familiar and filled with plenty of people just waiting to say misery loves company. Moving forward requires doing the work, action, getting uncomfortable, leaving folks behind. It’s hard but if you want to move forward, have a vision, a purpose or a passion, just do it!

So the moral of this very short blog is this…. STOP WAITING, excuses are only as good as the person giving them.

Last but certainly not least! GET UP, GET OUT and DO SOMETHING!

Nobody is coming to rescue you, especially  if you are not willing to rescue yourself.




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  • Yanni,

    Very good blog. It is the hardest step to put away the things you have grown accustom to...especially when it has been over 8yrs. Pickin yourself up even when you know all the signs is the most difficult part of the process. Starting over is never easy but staying in your current situation or fallin back into what was comfortable is so much easier.

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