Valentine’s Day for Dummies(Men) Easy-to-Follow Directions for Romance

Valentine’s Day for Dummies(Men) Easy-to-Follow Directions for Romance

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown

Why do you need instructions for Valentine’s Day?

Because trying to prepare for this overrated holiday can be a daunting process! This quick set of
instructions gives every man a straight-forward approach to ensuring  that you get the job done successfully and within your budget.

Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, February 14th   so you’ll want to build up to the main event. For starters give her a handwritten note that expresses how much you love, value and appreciate her.

Spray the note with your cologne and put the note in a place where she  will find it later in the day. Smiles will erupt across her face. Have her favorite flowers delivered to her at work with a quick note saying something like… “I was just thinking about you” or if you are creative
go for it! On a different day send her chocolate covered strawberries (N’Ticing N’Gredients) and let her know that she’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever known…  Again smiles will ensue.

Send her out with a specific time to return home. While she’s gone turn your home or hotel room into an “Oasis of Love”. Decorate with fresh rose petals everywhere, scented candles, run a lavender/vanilla bubble bath, create a Smooth Moves CD of love songs along with her favorite wine and either a home-cooked meal or catered meal. (Substitute fragrances, beverage and  meal as you see fit).

Pamper her like never before. Gently wash, caress & dry her off. Winddown your evening with a gentle, slow, full body massage complete with a massage oil candle. (As the candle burn it creates soothing massage oil. Pour into your hands and rub away the stresses of her day).

Lastbut certainly not least, whisper sweet nothings in her ear and tell her all of the things that she wants to hear. Be sure to nibble, moan with a soft subtle kiss, caressing her in places that she thought that she had missed.

Making Love Better TwoGether is all about making a connection with the one that you love. The title of this blog is not intended to insult our men or take anything away from their ego but offers a Making Love Better TwoGether viewpoint that we hope that you enjoyed!

Men please feel free to share tips that’s worked for you and that us women will love…




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