Love Out Loud!

Love Out Loud!

by Yolanda “Yanni” Brown

Whitney Houston’s death on February 11th has brought heartache and sadness to the world as well as an overflow of emotion, conversation and speculation. I can’t imagine what her daughter Bobbi Kristina, her mother or family must be going through.

Whitney was an icon and her life unfolded in the public’s eye. I was as deeply saddened when I heard the news as if she were a relative. I sat in disbelief remembering how each of Whitney’s songs, either helped get me through a break up, uplifted me or made me feel more like a woman. As the news poured in so did the overwhelming flow of speculations and negativity.

It’s always amazing to see how people focus on the negative of others.  If we were to sweep around a porch or two of yours, my question is what would we discover about you? We all have a past and we’re all an ex something.  

The night of Whitney’s death, I couldn’t’ take the negativity, so I turned off all media outlets and allowed myself to mourn for Whitney Houston — the Whitney Houston who was an icon, a mother and a daughter.  I could relate to two of the those! I sat choosing to remember her gift of song that she shared with me.

As I sat reflecting, I was given this thought:  love out loud!

Too often we assume that our loved ones know or understand how we feel. Sometimes we forget to tell our loved one’s what they mean to us or just how much we love them. There are times when we take our love and theirs for granted.

Some of us are too independent or self-sufficient and think that we still have time to love. The reality is that no one is promised tomorrow, so love out loud today! Shout it to the rooftops! Give them flowers. Fall in love over and over again because, as the adage states, it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all or not loved enough.  Don’t let life’s struggles, hardships, heartaches, or life get in the way of sharing your love with someone.  

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending you hugs and love.  Tell me . . . who are you loving out loud?

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