Dr. Dawj Embraces Social Gravity For Charities

Dr. Dawj Embraces Social Gravity For Charities

by Dawgelene “Dr. Dawj” Sangster

Most people don’t know that my background is in technology and I am a computer geek! IT Project Management, IT Change Management and all things related to computer purchasing, testing, deployment and the user experience is what I thrived on for years. It was no surprise that I was a bit excited to attend the launch of this new social media software, Social Gravity (www.socialgravity.com)  

The launch was held at the posh House of Blues Foundation room on Wednesday, February 22, 2012, and it was poppin. The gorgeous Sarah Vargo, CEO of Maven-Chicago LLC (http://www.maven-chicago.com/) and the Social Media and Marketing Maven for Social Gravity invited me to the event. As I moved through the crowd, I ran into many Chicago gravity pullers to include Brian Tomkins, Andrew Hill, Glenn Murray, Dave Kunicki, Josh Shipley, Keith Khidr Stallings, and Patrick Snyder, to name a few.  

I had a chance to sit down with Sarah and Randy to chat about Social Gravity and its purpose. Sarah is this sassy and fabulous young woman with a huge heart, that is making a dent in Chicago’s networking scene by connecting people that are doing amazing things. Randy Shipley is this amazing charismatic leader that takes pride in loving family and helping people.  

“Social Gravity was created for people to use their pull in this world for the greater good,” according to Sarah. It’s used as a tool to initially help charitable organizations raise money for their causes through the people that support those organizations and causes. The whole concept is to ‘take people and their connections, and use them to make a positive difference in the world,” according to Sarah. Sarah’s role is to use her savvy Marketing, Communications and PR skills to help take Social Gravity global.  

Chatting with Randy, he has such a huge passion for making a difference in the world.  Having had loved ones to either battle with cancer and win or succumb, Randy knows firsthand how important it is to help organizations that are out to do good and help great causes like fighting cancer, increase mental health and educate children, to name a few.  He takes pride in being that husband, father and leader to help others, which helped in the decision to launch Social Gravity. We even shared an emotional moment as we discussed his wife’s survival of cancer and my husband’s battle with cancer. Randy is a true gem!  

From what I have seen so far, it’s free to join Social Gravity and there are great features like integrating facebook and twitter feeds, groups similar to facebook, but a bit more organized and user friendly; photos, videos and even article marketing.  “The purpose was to make it “one-click” easy so people are not spending too much time navigating the system just to create, join or support a group/cause,” according to Randy. The integration of the social media websites makes it a one-stop location in fundraising for the good. “We can be likened to the craigslist/facebook/twitter of social networking,” according to Randy.  “We connect people that believe in and support specific causes which is the social piece, but then those people pull in their networks to help further support for those causes, which is the gravity piece; hence Social Gravity.” says Randy.  

Randy and his team have some great things ahead for society and the world using Social Gravity, and I am looking forward to what lies ahead. Please join the website, join a group and start supporting causes for the greater good, while building new relationships.

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