End the Dark Skin Debate. Your Shade Is Beautiful.

End the Dark Skin Debate. Your Shade Is Beautiful.

By Zondra Hughes

The light skin vs. dark skin debate just refuses to leave us alone.

Books have been written, blogs, and a documentary, “Dark Girls” that has been heralded as educational, enlightening, and I dare say, empowering.

In the documentary, one young Black man says that he couldn’t have a dark skinned girl on his arm, that it seemed like something was wrong with that picture. How is this enlightening? How does this make me feel empowered as a black woman?

What really sticks in my craw is that we have so much else going on in the world that you would think there was no time for us to give credence to this fruitless debate.

We have hunger, mass unemployment, homelessness and Black mothers—dark skinned, light skinned and every shade in between—who are burying their children on a weekly basis due to teen violence.

Most important, we have daughters who we must teach to celebrate their beauty, in all shades and sizes, because if we don’t stop the madness now it will consume and divide us forever.

And we’re too savvy for that, right?

Take a look at Nielah O.’s video for accentuating the positive.

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