#Save Maia Campbell

#Save Maia Campbell

By Zondra Hughes

I am a little late to the party, I’ll admit.

I just hope that someone intervenes before the party is over, for Maia Campbell, that is.

In case you don’t know Maia Campbell’s name, just picture her as Black Hollywood’s Lindsay Lohan.

I reference Lohan because she too is a beautiful young star who rarely escapes trouble. The difference between Lindsay and Maia is that when Lindsay acts out, the news cameras of the world are on her; she is pressured to rehab, she is pressured to get her act together.

No one can outright steal Lindsay Lohan’s life away in the cloak of darkness, because too many eyes are on her–which brings me to Maia’s plight.

In her former life, Maia Campbell was the living Black Barbie Doll on the hit show, In the House with LL Cool J. Years later, she is now down and out in Los Angeles, allegedly strung out on meth and/or crack.

The once flawless ebony beauty has withered to skin and bones. Maia is dirty, apparently homeless, and there are scenes in the various YouTube videos where it’s obvious that she doesn’t even know where she is.

One video shows a man asking Maia to give him oral sex as she’s sitting
in the passenger’s seat of a car, furiously eating potato chip crumbs, and mumbling about trying to find her daughter.

Maia is someone’s daughter, too.

Maia’s mother, celebrated author Bebe Moore Campbell, spoke openly about a family member’s struggle with mental illness, and she penned revealing nonfiction books about divorce “Successful Women, Angry Men:
Backlash in the Two-Career Marriage” (1986), and Sweet Summer: Growing Up With and Without My Dad (1989).

Bebe Moore Campbell passed away in 2006 from brain cancer.

The tragic irony is that Maia’s mother was such a strong voice that addressed the plight of the African American community, and now her daughter is walking the streets without anyone to return the favor.

I am saddened and confused as to why no one from Black Hollywood has stepped up to the plate.

If the general public can view the YouTube videos of Maia getting disrespected by her pimp and smacked for talking back, why won’t those who know her, and who have worked with her, rescue her from certain death?

Perhaps Maia’s fans, or Bebe Moore Campbell’s legion of supporters, can force someone to take action.

So, who will be Maia’s angel?

Maia Campbell’s comeback is a journey that deserves a beautiful Hollywood ending.




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    This is SO sad. I always wondered why LL Cool J or Ms. Wayans never tried to help her. Or have they and we don't know it? She was my idol back in the day and now I'll probably cringe and cry at the sight of her. mm mmm mmm... praying!

  • In reply to Tahani Tompkins:

    Thank you for your comment, and we don't know if LL Cool J or anyone has reached out.
    We'll keep you posted. :0D

  • truly a sad situation. Her mother was one of my favorite authors. I realyy enjoyed her writings. i also always thought Maia was a living doll. Shes truly beautiful and talented. I hope shes gets the helps she truly needs.She has to want it also. I also think she has a history of mental issues wasn't the book 72 hour hold in ref. to her life. Praying for her restoration. Its possible.

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    I had no idea that Maia had gotten this bad... This is extremely disheartening.

  • man that is so sad i really like maia campbell and at the same time it really hurst me to see her and any body else in the same position as her without any help nobody knows know what she is going through but God and to tell you the truth im uh really try and do my best to help her she needs a friend some who will fight this battle with her not to make fun of her and to make video jokes about her thats is not rught what is the world coming to.

  • In a world where we have so much resources, support groups and churches, there is so much WE can do before, our sister loses her life! If she isn't in her right mind she is not even responsible for what is going on in her body right now. That's where WE come in. She has been through so much and the media or spectators are making it worse for her recovery. How do we get on THIS to help HER? I'm frustrated just talking about it! The dirty men in her life have only stolen her physical treasures and where are they now? She needs the right people around her that will not take advantage of her. I'm in the UK and am researching about what I can do and all I'm finding is blogs and pages on her ill health....talk to me!

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