It's A Process, It's Not Personal.

It's A Process, It's Not Personal.

By Yolanda Yanni Brown

“Who I am today is deeply rooted in the person that I was, and is intertwined with who I will become”
–Yolanda Brown

Have you ever asked yourself WHY ME?
Have you ever thrown a pity party, where you had all of your girls over and poured out your soul?

If you’ve ever experienced anything like this, please accept my personal invitation to the process.

Life comes at us fast!
No promises, no demands, warning labels, even instructions… just EXPERIENCES!

What I’ve learned is that it’s what we do with those experiences that determine the process.

I used to take it so very personal when someone would hurt my feelings, or when I had my heart broken or dreams shattered.

Then one day I had an epiphany, okay, maybe I had a little help from a message at church or maybe it was in one of my therapy sessions (don’t judge me).

Anyway, the “aha” moment was: It’s NOT Personal. Which was followed by the unimaginable, “Why Not YOU?” Who better to tell the story than someone who has survived? While it felt so much better to whine about that experience, I knew that I was stunting my own growth. The process then became … What did you learn from that situation?

We’ve all found ourselves in some SHIFT at some point and time or another, but we can either wallow in that SHIFT or WE can go through the PROCESS.

In the process, there is acknowledgment that the experiences that WE have, does not define who we are or will become, unless WE allow them to.

The process was designed so that we can create our own manual of what works and what doesn’t, more importantly, if truth be told, it also discloses why it doesn’t work.

You see most of us like to place the blame on others in our process but like my momma has always told me there are two sides to every story and somewhere in that is the truth.

So if we are able to be honest in our SHIFT we can see what our role was in that shift and act accordingly.

The process is designed to become our testimonies, our how I go over stories that we share as part of our growth legacy.

These stories are designed not only to help us as individuals grow but to help others on their journey as well.

If you were to think back to a time in your life where you encountered SHIFT, ask yourself “How could I have grown in that process for the betterment of me and or others?” or, “Knowing what I know now, what can I share with others about the other side of the process?”

Your turn.

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