Unemployed? Underemployed? Go Sailing.

Unemployed?  Underemployed?  Go Sailing.

In no way, shape or form am I suggesting anything other than an opportunity for those looking for work to learn new skills, meet people, and have a place to have fun and recreate. This is not a suggestion to goof off for those hard working Americans who just need an opportunity to work.

In the 1950’s after WWII with the economic expansion, most people were working, but the money made was used to pay their mortgage, car loan, food, etc. There wasn’t a lot of what we today call “expendable income” available. People didn’t fly out of town for the weekends for weddings, didn’t travel much, and pretty much stuck close to home. There weren’t theme parks, or lots of those opportunities for the expendable money that exists today.

What occurred is, they found sailing. They found a sailboat that needed crew. This became their outlet for fun. They became fiercely loyal to the boat they sailed on, made it there for all practices, repairs, and outings. They were invited to the dinners and parties which gave them a much better outlook on life, than their daily wages provided. It was an honor to have this place to go and recreate.

So in today’s society, I see a big similarity. A significant portion of society has pulled back on their spending, aren’t getting out much, and need something to look forward to with a place to have fun. Just a place to go out and recreate.

While I sure can’t make any promises, this opens a new door to meet many people who are employed, who may know of someone hiring, who will get to know you, who will see your strengths (and we all have weaknesses), and just could help make a job connection for you. Of course it won’t happen overnight, you first have to get to know sailors. The more connections you have, the more opportunities there are for your future.

Along the way, you’ll learn the nautical arts, safety, seamanship, maintenance, weather patterns, and a whole slew of other skills.

At the same time, you could become the very person each boat owner is dying for. If you end up dedicating yourself to a boat, and are there regularly, you will whip the pants off most other sailors today. Why? Because of “expendable income.” It is common in a three day event to have a different crew each day. Consistency is very difficult to come by on sailboats today. There are just too many other activities pulling crew in different directions, and with that expendable income they have, off they go.

Which gives you the upper hand. Without expendable income, you will find a great place to recreate, you’ll make a ton of new friends, the exercise, fresh air and sunshine are good things. You’ll be appreciated for your crewing talents (it only takes less than an hour to be taught a rudimentary crew position on a sailboat and appreciated all day).

So how can you afford it? Hitch a ride to the harbor. Ask around for hand-me-downs of sailing gear – shoes, raingear, sailing gloves, rigging knife, etc. It is amazing how a lot of people have duplicates or spares. How do you get connected with a boat? Look through the previous articles on the right side menu, and find those free ways into sailing.

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