Meet the Start! Running Team planning committee- Kristin Kuehn


Last year I went to the doctor and learned I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Just when I thought I was young and invincible!

I have run a marathon, participated in many triathlons, done 8 60-mile walks for breast cancer and climbed mountains.  This little piece of news brought me back to reality. It was time to make a change.  By adding a couple extra hours of exercise a week and making healthier food choices I brought my cholesterol and blood pressure down.

With my new found education I was approached by an old friend, Jayme Pierson, to be a member of the American Heart Association Start Running committee. 

As an active member of the committee I signed up to run the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon with Heart and raised over $5300.  I also worked with Jayme and the staff at AHA to mentor the runners in any way they needed help.  Our team was an inspiration to me and I know 2011 will be bigger & better.  

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