Meet the Start! Running AHA Staff Liason - Jayme Pierson

As a staff member of the American Heart Association for the past three years, I have had the privilege to be a fundraiser for our Corporate Development team focusing on the Heart Walks.  In 2009, I formed the Start! Running Team with 40 runners raising $38,000.  Although not a runner myself, I am an avid swimmer and spinner and really respect the dedication of the runners I encounter.  The passion I’ve seen from this group is truly like no other.  Helping this team grow is one of my favorite parts of my job.   


My passion for the American Heart Association goes beyond the fact that it’s “my job”.  Both of my grandma’s have been affected by Heart Disease, surviving heart attacks and truly changing their lives to live in a more heart healthy way.  Additionally, I have performed CPR on a women who suffered a heart attack in the pool I managed back in college.   Because of the CPR, she survived for another week to spend with her family before suffering from complications and passing away.  When I went to the funeral, myself and the other lifeguards were like heroes and so many people thanked us for giving them that additional time with their wife, mother, sister & friend.  CPR is easy to learn, easy to do -especially now with the compression only guidelines – and is the best thing you can do as a civilian to save some one’s life until help arrives.

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My husband and I after he finished the 2010 Soldier Field 10 miler

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