Athletes and Their Real Estate


It has been interesting to track the choices that Chicago’s famous athletes have made when it comes to Real Estate.  Sometimes they pick places that are close to their training facilities like the Berto Center in Deerfield for the Bulls or Halas Hall in Lake Forest for the Bears, sometimes they pick places that are close to the stadiums where their sports take place.

trump tower.jpg

Sammy Sosa, the famous Chicago Cub, lived in Lake Point Tower, a short drive up Lake Shore Drive from Wrigley Field!  When it was built in 1968 Lake Point Tower was the world’s tallest residential building.  It is rumored he has moved to Trump Tower – he must like the privacy and the views of luxurious High Rise living.

Other high rise athletes include Greg Maddux of the Cubs, who lived in the Park Hyatt, and Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks, currently setting up shop in Trump Tower.




Looking at some famous basketball players, Michael Jordan built an amazing house in suburbs, as did Scottie Pippen, close to the Berto Center, while Derrick Rose is currently downtown, closer to his United Center game site, living in a South Loop townhome.



Other athletes blended in more with the regular citizens of Chicago, living right in the midst of Chicago’s family-style neighborhoods.  This would include Kerry Wood, who lived in River North, and the Cubs phenom Mark Pryor, who had a low key townhome in Lakeview.



Basketball players seem to pick the biggest houses!  Although Scottie Pippen moved away from Highland Park in 1996, the huge home he built there is still a landmark, complete with its very own basketball court!  Coincidentally, the people who purchased the home from Pippen are having an estate sale today.  It was claimed on some of the publicity for the estate sale that there would be Bulls memorabilia, but contrary to the claim there have been several comments posted that there was no Bulls memorabilia whatsoever!


I sold a large home on Huron Street to the basketball player Antoine Walker.  Unfortunately, in a very scary episode, he was robbed at gunpoint in the garage of the home several years ago.  Thankfully no one was harmed, but it does go to show that prominent athletes can become unfortunate targets as well as the recipients of adulation from their fans.


Therefore, my fellow professional real estate agents and I are normally sworn to secrecy about the location of the homes of famous people.  If you look back you’ll notice that even now in this article I haven’t given any details that a person could capitalize on.  In some cases we even sign legal documents to ensure that everything is kept in confidence. 

Still, with all of the people who surround these famous athletes, such as chauffeurs, agents, old high school friends, etc., it inevitably becomes fairly common knowledge as to where they choose to live in our wonderful City.

Here comes Spring!



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