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Were Carson Daly and Kris Bryant separated at birth?

  I have this peculiar sixth sense.  No, I don’t see dead people.  I see likenesses between celebrities. Maybe you do too. This morning while half-heartedly watching the Today Show—which my regular readers know is on in the interests of marital peace—I had another epiphany. It occurred to me that Carson Daly ( the nonentity... Read more »

Thibodeau Cashiered: a threnody

Farewell, so long, Tom Thibodeau. No more the X ,  no more the  O. You’ve extra time to spend  the checks The Bulls now owe you as an ex-.

Herr Mozart's Hair: A triolet

  The hair of Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart is up for auction Thursday with an estimated price of 10,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds ($15,400 to $18,450).  [Associated Press]   Mozart’s hair is up for sale. You can have it at a price. Was it from a plump pigtail? Mozart’s hair is up for sale. To  opera... Read more »

All Wednesdays are wonderful but one

Wednesdays are  wonderful. Except when thunderful.

Great men speak out on war: A quiz

Memorial Day, which commemorates those who perished in armed conflict, is a good time to reflect  on  war.  What follows are ten quotations about war. How many authors can you identify? Source: “Dictionary of Quotations” by Bergen Evans.   1. “It is well that war is so terrible—we would grow too fond of it.” 2.... Read more »

How will you spend Memorial Day?

    On Memorial Day will you honor  the lives Of Americans killed in a war? Or nosh while  you chatter with friends and their wives On pop culture topics that bore?

The First Tweet isn't sweet on the Cubs

Barack Obama joins Twitter, follows every Chicago sports team except the Cubs By Nate Scott May 18, 2015 12:58 pm ET The president’s given  his favorite clubs On Twitter; and somehow omitted the Cubs. Of course some will view it As shocking he’d  do it, Especially in partisan pubs.

Thoughts on building a neighborhood

  “We live in a world where everything is branded.” Sean Conlon, real estate developer, quoted in “Developers hoping ‘NoCa,’ ‘River South’ catch on: Companies planning residential projects on Near West, Near South sides launch efforts to brand areas, add new neighborhoods to city’s lexicon” from the Tribune’s Business section on May 13. “What unites... Read more »

Accounting for Moody's downgrade of Chicago's bonds

  Moody has rated Chicago debt  ‘junk’— Which should put us all in a real deep  funk. Sure, the pols are to blame. But ourselves just the same, For we haven’t stopped  drinking their Kool-Aid we’ve  drunk.  

Pau Gasol: Big opera fan

  [The following verse is based on Philip Hersh’s delightful piece in Sunday’s Tribune: “Going bass line-A night at the opera provides an escape from the rigors of the NBA for Bulls big man Pau Gasol”.]   In a double A seat long and tall Watching Tosca thrice sits Pau Gasol. When the Bulls signed... Read more »